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March 15, 2010



Towel? Whatever, bitch looks totally fierce. I'm giiving it to him.

Hilarious, but this post includes a majorly important tip. I hate to workout mainly because I work so much that I don't budget that extra hour daily but in the past I've had workout buddies and it works. It really does. Of course I cook less, but hey something has got to give somewhere.

Sorry for the disjointed thoughts and grammar "issues", this is a case of blogging while drinking. Pretty simple.


If I could get a workout buddy that would turn into a fuck buddy after .. and I mean right after because the scent of sweat turns me on .. I would be all over that.



Funny about gym fashion
Remember the 80's gym wear (what was that horrible movie with John Travolta and Jamie Leigh Curtis)?
The head bands- I even did the matching with my clothes.
I can't remember what I wore in the 90's.
But then the 2000's the tight, tight! tight !! midriff tops- (I had to pass on that fashion -too old to show my stomach.
I did wear those tight bike shorts but now I have to wear bike skorts-
Some people's gym fashion is better than my "going out " fashion


Towel guy was expressing his boxer side. A towel around the head tucked into a thick cotton sweatshirt is boxer/wrastler fasion projecting a "I am gettin my sweat on" kind of vibe. Like "I gotta lose 3 lbs in the next 30 mins to make weight for the match."

All black cloths and sunglasses? Hmmm. Maybe he is also a Blade fan. Do you have vampires at your gym?


That was so funny....I like the possibly former showgirl. Thanks for the laugh my sweet David...I was feeling mighty bad because this guy hurt my feelings and....anyway thanks for that sweetness.

Love you always and
Ciao Bella,



please keep these coming. hilarious.

Mary Claire

Loves it! I have been amazed at the gym fashions I have been treated to since coming back on the scene. I am all for individuality, but some kids at my gym wear loafers and khaki shorts to work out in?! My favorite is probably the lady in the soccer shorts and actual tights. Pretty tame here in the south, but I will be keeping a better eye out.

DG - I live for the housewives recaps, but that doesn't make these stories and drawings about the rest of your life any less enjoyable. You inspire me! So, please, keep it up!


There's this lady who goes to my gym who appears to be in her mid-50's...and I'm guessing the last time she bought exercise clothes was around 30 years ago, because she dresses straight out of the "Let's Get Physical" lie. Headband, leggings with really, really, really high cut leotard over, high tops with scrunchy socks...


Dude! Seriously! JUST the other day I was telling someone about your site and how you draw people you see in the gym! I stop by to check on you and you've done and new "people you see at the gym" sketch! LOVE IT! I totally agree with needing a gym partner! That's why when Im not following my work out buddies to aerobics class Im following them to the gym! Thank you!




Oh the 80 year old lady in the high -cut leotard.colored tights and bright green leg warmers,the 80's earrings and a FULL face of make-up,pink lipstick and some ornate glasses.Oh and matching reeboks.She was a nice old lady

Things that went on in my former gym.How about blow drying ones pubic hair with community blowdryers so everyone can watch-after they had dyed it the gyms locker room!

Or the guy that worked out in boxers and a tee shirt and farted so much he cleared the weight room-everyday.

Thanks god I switched to Equinox!

Fitness Maidstone

Lol @ Sydney - that's appalling! (but funny)

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