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March 04, 2010




Thanks so much for your sweet note and I'll try and keep you laughing as much as you do for me! I'm based in Toronto, but am in love with Vancouver, too!

I just had to comment on your RHONY drawing! It's my second favorite franchise after RHOC -(actually it's now my FAVORITE as Andy Cohen et al continue to successfully pursue rock bottom in the OC).

Of course, being just left of Pluto here in Canada, we will not get RHONY for a few months, and since we're still waiting for the last 4 episodes of RHOC and we don't get "watch what happens" in Canada either :(, I will hungrily await your recaps and your fans comments to fill me in on what's happening to the ladies of NYC.

Did you happen to catch Ramona on the panel of the Joy Behar show last week? There to hawk her jewelry, "Ra-money" was sporting a very good dermabrasion/botoxed face with an eyebrow lift (oh, hang on, that brow was actually unchanged - just as wide open as last year. Guess if she lifted her brows any more,she could check out who's coming up from behind.) She didn't really contribute much to the panel, however when Joy used anything more than a monosyllabic word in asking any questions, a blank, silent stare was the reply from poor Ramona. A MENSA meeting this was not!

Speaking of which, not only do I love Simon's leg lift in your fantastic rendering, but I loooove Kelly's asymetrical boobs! Yeah, I caught it!! Hysterical.

One last thing. I'm wondering if anyone finds Bethanny a just a "tich" grating and annoying? Granted she has a rapier wit and is great with the repartee which makes for great TV, but she's kinda fake (see "breast lift" vs implants) and bottom line seems entitled and insincere. I want to be happy for her finding a partner and having a baby (Pls Lord, me next, lol!)but she's just not a genuine person and I think it's just a matter of time before her true colours (Canadian spelling!) begin to show. To me, Jill is the most genuine. A princess, oy vey, but the most down to earth in her way.

Anyway David, enjoy and to all RHONY fans, enjoy this season - I'll be counting on you guys to keep me updated till the season finally airs in Canada.




Hey babe,

I don't watch the New York housewives but I can laugh at the drawing though. I recognize the ladies and their spouses. Very funny! Alex is so ugly!!! Anyway enjoy your nite and we'll chat again soon.

Love ya and
Ciao Bella,



Kelly's boobs are spot on.


Can't stand NYHW's
Deja vu of 7th grade
Mean girls
Great likeness of Alex forehead
Bethenny's jowls-she will need the first face lift
Ramona's crazy eyes
Jill's chunky thighs
Kelly's micro -abrasioned face
Simon (I do like Simon) an jealous of those nice legs.
I noticed Simon has bigger boobs than his wife.
You are so talented - I know I will see your work at MOMA someday.

Pam Woodson

DAMN! I wish that you were in my living room watching this all with me!!!!!!!!!!!!! RHOC now! NY later!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is HELL!!!! Can't wait for your recap!!!!!!!!


OH MY GOD!!!! you have simon in your picture. toooo funny :) I love it.

the season premiere hit the floor running. I cannot wait for your recap!!


My Dear Mr. Gilmore,

Too Funny, from Kelly's wonky boobs to Simon's scene stealing moves you have got this group down solid! Babe, you have got talent!!

I say after tonight's RHOAC we all need a change of venue...the sight of Vicki's saggy teets as her too- small too-young yellow horror of a dress flashed the entire world a sight that burned corneas from Bangkok to Burbank. Let's hope if they do come back for another season we will be spared any more episodes of that horror of a husband Simon!! AND did you check out "Lexi's" mom Penelope? She has turned into a Stepford fembot, complete with OC slut attire and 50 pounds of makeup on her unmoving, immobile sphinx of a face. Poor gal looked enbalmed.

You have a wonderful Friday my dear, you bring a smile and a belly laugh everytime I read your blog and the comments from your devoted following. That is a gift as precious as your artistic skills.

Love and kisses,


I just watched the season premiere, Good God someone needs to keep the special "kool aide" away from Ramona and Bethenny. Both of these twats yak a mile a minute and jump from one emotion to the other.

You know "Ramoner"and her new hair are going to be the crazy train of the season( ONCE AGAIN). That sobbing tantrum on the good ship "COUGAR YENTA"S"!! I would have picked her up and tossed her ass into the drink, she can swim they were close to shore. Did you see that look on her face when she was walking down the catwalk in those scenes of episodes to come, Kel Looney!!!!

I'm sure Madame Zarin isn't completely innocent in whatever is going on with her and the Skinny-girl nitwit, but Bethenny seems of be ready to go off the deep end,with everyone, maybe prego-ness doesn't agree with her and her hormones were flippin it.

I CANT for the life of me imagine what Jason see's in Bethnnnnnny , she must suck some serious dick to keep him interested.. As for the rest of the NY wives they were okay, I gotta say that Countess going Chanteuse was scary, Jill said on her blog they were playing her song in some of Hampton clubs.!?!?!?

Where was Simon!?!?!?


Oh my god, David.......I got a huge laugh this morning when I saw this drawing. What a kill!!! I love that Simon is trying to steal the show with that leg lift. I about spit out my coffee when I saw Kelly's wonky tit. I hate to say this but I look for that in every picture I see of her since those pics surfaced on the internet a year or so ago. Too funny!!! Great work!


Can't wait for your recap! Your amazing David!


Please try not to make a mountain out of a HOLEMILL with your upcoming recap....BAAHHHHAAA!

My daughter and I were on the floor when Ramona unleashed that one. It was like Christmas morning last night: first RHOC (sadly appalling or was it appallingly sad?) and then RHONY. As good as it gets! =)


I am sitting here at work eating my lunch, and now I have a lump of wet, oily salad in my lap because my mouthful was ejected from the back of my throat from the laughter that was spouting out from deep within when I saw your drawing of Kelly's disco boobs. Luckily it is casual Friday and I have on jeans, so no trip to the dry cleaner will be necessary.


I have to you ever hear back from the NYC housewives? I can only imagine Ramona's response.

Loving Kelly'
Loving Simon's off-the-shoulder look. :)


You are the funniest person in the world!! I really enjoy your drawings and recaps! I've gotten all my friends addicted to your site as well!! TOOO TOOO FUNNY!!

bravo fan

David - so much going on in that drawing - it is priceless. I love Jill's double DD's hanging over her belt.

This NYC season promises to be as high school as the OC girls. But at least all these girls WORK. For some reason that makes me like them more.

The OC girls did not disappoint - did I hear Tamretch tell Simon that they would have no problems if he would just get an f-in job? Please Vicky - I hope you heard that one.
And Lynn - who does not have the money for a pot to piss in - managed to take a limo that was so big she couldn't see her daughters pouring themselves a drink or 5 or 6 in the car?

So much fun.

Hope you finally feel better Gilmore - looking forward to your recap.


the new york housewives are even bitcher than i remembered them to much backstabbing can we hear? this sounds worse than junior high. gonna be good!
and what's with ramona's eyes? why are they always popping out of her face?


What a brilliant illustration. Captures everyone just right. Poor Jill. She cannot get the limelight, even from David Gilmore. Wah!

I think Ramona has the "Sixth Sense." She always has that she is whispering to herself, "I see dead people!"


Oh my, I am laughing so hard at the blog and the comments. I watched OC finale, NY premiere, and then (adorable) Andy's show afterward. Astonishingly though, I could not concentrate on much of what was going on with cute Andy for staring aghast the entire time at the change in Bethenny's face. She's always had sharp features, but DAMN, what is going on with her head since she got pregnant? It's not fat, exactly...what the heck is it? It looks like a pumpkin that was forced to grow to maturity inside a square box, then harvested and grafted onto our dear Bethenny's neck.


(in the tone of molly shannon's character Helen Madden - high kick and all) I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT!


I love Kelly's wonky boobs!


OMG, I can't wait for your recap! I lost count of how many mood swings Ramona went through on last night's premiere. You'll have plenty of material in this episode! ;-)

Oh yes, and how 'bout the new Jill vs. Bethenny civil war! I guess it was inevitable that this would happen. It's just interesting to see Bethenny become "the villainess" of Season 3.

Oh, and Kelly is still batsh*t crazy... But is starting to look a little more likable.


Gilmore- OMG OMG OMG. That drawing made me pee myself. Meanwhile, I'm like a f**ing stalker checking back on your site every few hours to see if you have posted comments about last nights episode of RHONYC. I know you are an extremely busy man, but would you pleeeaaasssse chug some Dayquil/Nyquil, down your Sucrets and get on the damn keyboard? I'm like a b**tch in heat panting waiting for your brilliant commentary!


Gilmore -
I love the bobble heads; you could sell them in your Etsy shop in addition to the paper dolls. And for good measure, throw in a game of pin the tail on the donkey featuring Simon Barney as the jackass.


LMAO, I love how Ramona is like 1 foot tall.


Cool caricature. its so unique... The representation of the characters are well made of.


David, you have more talent in your little finger than all the imagineers at Disney! Why oh why have you not been discovered? Thank you for indulging us with the best wit and artwork ... you rock!


Nice one. Particularly love Simon upfront, nobody puts SImon in a corner. Last year's dance of the sugar plum fairies with Ramona and him was absolutely priceless.

Just saw the debut, knives are out in every direction from every direction. Thanks for the great illustration. Can't wait for your recap.

Kim in San Diego

Hey CMF in Canada,

I pretend that my life is too fabulous to wait around for the cable man to hook up my tv so I watch the full episodes on or splurge and buy them for $1.99 on Itunes. I need my fix.

And am I the only one that thinks that all of the RHONY husbands/boyfriends are pretending to be heterosexual?


Hey Kim in San Diego,

Thanks for the suggestion but Canadian broadcasters don't allow access to US shows like these due to licensing restrictions they impose. These shows have to be aired through local Canadian networks so even though we get the big 4 networks plus HBO, if a local network paid for the rights to a particular show (and only some of those Bravo shows air in Canada), we don't get to see them until they decide to broadcast them. I've tried watching on Bravo, but my IP address is from Canada, and there's no way around blocking that (believe me, I've tried!) so the pop up message is that "it's not available in your area". Same with iTunes. Unbelievable! But... I love to read all your posts, and David's incredibly witty recaps and commnetary in order to catch up and fill in the blanks. Go Canada for the Olympics but Woe Canada for their broadcasting licensing restrictions! Finger's crossed David posts on the finale of RHOC and premiere of PHONYC soon. (Saw a few clips, and Bethenney has turned kinda yucky ( I believe that's the medical term ).


Brilliant as usual! I love it. Hope you are doing well, xoxox Cindy


Alex looks just like Beavis' friend Butthead...



OK..WOW!! That is for both the last episdoe of the OC Housewives and the first episode of the NY Housewives. I don't know but the clairvoyant used in one of the episodes on OC was right on point with all the OC ladies. Can't blame that on editing. Now..I wonder when the camera crew are filming the NY episodes with Ramona are they biting their tongues off trying not to burst out laughing or are they watching with their mouths hanging open in disbelief. I sincerely hope she still has therapy sessions to overcome her childhood trauma of being verbally abused. Now..please, please, please do an advanced drawing of the clip showing Ramona on the catwalk..those eyes, that walk, that dress..WTF!! Andy showed the clip on Watch What Happens Live..I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS SITE. KEEP THE RECAPS COMING!

Samantha Martin

Was just introduced to your website, this is hilarious! I love it! Awesome artwork dear!

xxoo Samantha :)

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