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March 12, 2010



Thanks for sharing these photos. I love love love the book shelf and that other cabinet?! The statue with the crystals hanging first thought was....WOW! that would make a great shower head for somebody that has that kind of money!


Inspiration posts are ALWAYS cool. I want that crazy Alice style bookcase thing, good lord.


Thanks for posting the Alexander McQueen piece. I heard this Golden Feather Jacket described on NPR radio which was ridiculous. Fasion on radio is about as fun as ballet in the dark.

Well....atleast he went out on a high note. It is gorgeous. He'll be remembered.


This post was great! But please, please, please recap the RHOC Reunion show and the RHONY shows! Let me tell you....I just find your site three days ago and I have not stopped laughing for the past three days! You are beyond fabulous! Not that it matters, but I have been having a rough time lately with not much laughter in my life and reading your blogs has brought me out of it! Did I tell you how fabulous you are? Your recaps of the Real Housewives are terrific!

I haven't laughed in so long and I thank you for it! I think my favorites are Jesus Barbie and her King! You are dead on, correct about those two! I also love me some Vicki with an i!

Thank you once again for bringing laughter into my life! I will be donating to your blog!!


I've been reading your blog since I first gazed upon your spot-on drawing of a pig-nosed Vicki a couple of years ago, and it's been love ever since, but I never felt compelled to comment until I had a severe squee moment when I saw the Jonathan Burton illustrations. He is one of my favorite illustrators! Thanks for posting them!

And I second Maria- please recap the RHOC reunion show! Jesus Barbie looked like she wanted to throw down with Vicki at several points during the show.


About those items that caught your eye, you've got a "good eye" as they say!
That bookcase will haunt me forever I think.
Your NYC Housewives masterpiece caught my eye-please check your email. (don't get excited, I'm way too poor to buy it)


You are a talented man!
Thank you for sharing it with us all!


This site is cool. the drawings are awesome. But some comments here seem fake...there are numerous comments about lifting people out of depression. I could understand one person, but several?? Just seemed kind of strange to me.

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