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January 13, 2010



Just for future reference, what she actually said was: "Pull your head out of your f**king ARSE!" The 'r' isn't really articulated much (Australians have an aversion to that and will sometimes poke fun at Americans and Canadians on that account), so it sounds more like "ahs", but it is, definitely, "arse" and not "ass", which would have a short a, and which, when written or pronounced by Americans or Canadians, will also draw teasing from Australians.

I share this with you as a former American who has lived in Australia for more than a decade, and who has been corrected many times on the whole arse/ass thing.

Just FYI. :) (And I know you'll take it in the spirit in which it was written ;))

mini the B

Tabatha cuts to the bone, and i love it...!!!!!!!!!!! She is truly offering a great service....HONESTY. The drawing rocks baby. You've captured the queen of mean.

mini the B


I am so glad someone else enjoys this show, too. I have been a closet watcher, since it's first episode. I don't think that you could have drawn her better.

Oh Mandy!

I'm glad you've finally discovered the Tough Love-A-Thon that is Tabitha Takes Over. I keep telling my hairdresser to watch the show but she never does, so I have to recap the entire thing for her, using pantomime and voices. It's just not the same.


OMG you nailed Tabatha. She gives the shadiest looks - all rightfully deserved. But she is very fair and gives credit / compliments when it is deserved / earned. I love her. I didnt realize she was Australian. I am glad th b/c I really was getting tired of the acerbic british judge thats become the staple in reality shows these days.


Loves it! Tabatha is the best. Even my hubster watches with me, and I can't get him to watch anything fun. I think Tabatha just inspires the awe in all of us. The drawings are perfection!


I absolutely love her show! She really doesn't beat around the bush because it's a career that she loves and she wants these irresponcible jackasses to be responcible for the messes they make.

Sweet Herald

Tabatha was on this show called Sheer Genius that Bravo ran. It was on today, in fact. Her show is a spinoff. I had no idea! I loved seeing her on there, and I love her show as well.
I think my favorite episode was the careless dad who cussed in his salon, drank all day and kept dildos in his drawer. Snort!


I love that she walks into salons and the staff knows the shit is officially hitting the fan.

She has a very evil pixie look, but I like what she does and her criticisms -- while not always well stated -- make absolute sense. She has really gone up against the assholes this year (Browne & Co in Miami... that woman puts the "shit" in "asshole.")


Gilmore, Happy New Year! Been in the Springs for the past week. Just catching up on my daily reading. i don't know what 3 episodes you saw but i was glad that Tabitha comes out on the "Chicago Male" salon.One for the team.
Take care


PERFECT! You've captured her cyst perfectly too! I think that's where she keeps all of her power.

I love her. I want to see her in a studded leather corset with a whip in one hand and scissors in the other.


She is The Bitch. But, she has great business and customer service skills. Only, stupid salon owners don't follow her directions.


I love Tabatha's condescending attitude and how she cuts the salon owners down to size. She is brutal, straight forward, and straight to the point. That drawing of her was classic and right on point. She's almost vampire like. Anyway, have you been watching, "Jersey Shore?" I watched a couple of episodes and I really would like to see you draw "Snooki." If you happen to draw her or any of the cast please emphasize Snooki's razor thin lips! She looks like her breath stinks. Okay I got off topic a little....sorry!

Thanks for the hilarious drawings and be good.

Ciao Bella,



i'm going to a party that she's hosting tonight in West Hollywood. I CAN NOT WAIT> I hope she spanks me.

I'm ashamed I love this show

Right, I love this hot bitch.
When she serves up tasty reality to a narcissistic barber (yes, barber, there i said it...), I want to buy her jewelry.

I look forward to an episode where she slaps the crap out of some unruly colorist.


My husband and I love this show! So glad you are enjoying it as well!

marcy brown

I too think she's fab. And it's true, she's mean because she cares.

But wow - that Brown & Co episode? That owner was a MESS. She dind't care at all, completely clueless, why did she sign up for the show at all if she didn't want to change?

Sweet Herald

She looks like her breath stinks.

Laugh!! That is hilarious.

Ultra Rezv 1000

My husband and I love this show! So glad you are enjoying it as well!


Thanks everyone for your comments!

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