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November 19, 2009



I can's wait to see your pics!!!


Love London! We need a real Housewives from London!
Enjoy your time there!


Thank god! I thought you fell off the face of the earth! I have been looking daily for my fix of your recaps of the OC housewives!


I concur wtih Max. I miss ur recaps and I ahve so much to say about the OC.

First of all, what the heck is up with Vicki. She and Jeana were besties, and even Jeana taken Vicki to Haver____(Sp). Then Vicki outed Jeana but telling everyone that she asked Vicki for a loan and Vicki refused. I thought that was a bit grimy sayin that tidbit on the show. I dont blame Jeana for leaving but I thought she needed a paycheck. I guess she didnt need one that badly.

Petrecea  Jakson

I truly agree with you London is really amazing place to visit for tour.

i will be eagerly waiting for your next post


Miss your recaps. Enjoy London.


CAMDEN TOWN! GO! A-mazing ;D


Next time call home before you disappear for days on end. You took 10 years of my life you selfish bitch!


I love London. One day I am going to live in that city.
Come back soon, you are missed.


Ooooh London! I hope you can visit the British Museum too!


Gilmore, it's worse when you tease! Have fun, get inspired.


Have fun in London!

And btw, I switched sides again. I think the only time I've flip-flopped more often was during the presidential primary. I'm on Team Gretchen again, just 'cuz she's at least honest about being a spoiled "shady lady". "TAM-RAAAAAAAAAAAA!" is just an evil hypocrite, Vicki is still a total laughingstock, Lynne is still totally empty-headed, and I'll REALLY be missing Jeana now with her gone (she was the only truly likable OC housewife left).

I'm looking to see just how serious the Vicki vs. Alexis cat fight will be (looks promising from the promo clips), "TAM-RAAAAAAAAAAAA!" realizing how hard life is outside Covenant Hills, and Gretchen maybe finding happiness and ignoring what those other jealous bitchez say about her.

Anyway, Mr. Gilmore, have fun in London & we'll see you back here soon with more OC Housewives gossip. :-D


I'm glad you're okay & all is well, your lack of posting had me very concerned.
Love, love, love the drawings! I like about 20 minutes from OC & had no idea plastic surgery was so prevalent, especially for kids! That's ridiculous. With all their money, those parents are sending their kids the wrong message.

I kinda think the OC Housewives ship has sunk. My mom says she can't even tell the blonds apart. And with the exception of Lynne, they're all blond! Seems like we've got the full spectrum of each one's personality - no surprises at all.
Gretchen is my favorite, too. But I can't stand her laugh; it's somewhat obnoxious & I might add, fake. I'm not buying the whole "I love you, Slade" show... fake imho. They need to move this show to another city.


Have fun in London! It's such a fun city. I thought you'd do a little photoshop of Slade & the sock in the tanning tent.
On a much lighter note, did you hear Bethenny's Dad passed away.


I've missed your drawings and comments on the Housewives of OC since it started the new season. I kept checking to see if you'd have something new :(. I have some comments to make about the past few episodes but will wait till you get a chance to make your posts on each :D

But I will say that Slade is icky and something just doesnt sit right with me about him. I think he's only with Gretchen to get money from being on the show!


Gilmore.....where are you? I'm strating to go through withdrawls!!! I hope all is well and we'll hear from you soon!


I am so sick of all the Housewives.
They are all such so skanky and gross.
Now we have the DC Housewife break into the White House for the State Dinner.
Hope criminal charges follow soon.
I miss the Bravo that actually had good movies now we just have that bozo Andy Cohen and his trashy housewives who can't give up their 15 min. of fame.
Andy is just as trashy as his wives.
We should have known with Danielle who was arrested for Kidnapping that a housewife breaking into the White House would not be a stretch.
I understand Bravo had been taping her up until she left for the White House.
Way to go Bravo!!!!!!

Gaylene Brubaker

You have this ability to pull something out of a face.I realized that Tamra would be hard because her face is frozen from botox.She looks like she has permanent period cramps.I love your work.Hope you are o.k.

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