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November 04, 2009



You look fab Gilmore! Looks like it was a blast and a half. I'm just as anxious as you to see the new season of the Housewives of the OC. Please draw Vicki and that new housewife with the face that won't move. I love you and I'll be back soon! Your biggest fan....

Ciao Bella,



Gilmore! I was hoping I would attract you at WeHo, but no such luck. I just wanted to show you my costume and compliment your amazing work.

I was an Orange County housewife this year! As a resident of the OC, I felt it was my duty to represent the area. :D Here I am with my husband, he was a rotund Harry Potter.

The crackled chest is courtesy of liquid foundation and Elmer's Glue. Skin cancer is all the rage in Orange County!


loved all of the creative costumes!Looks like everyone had a lot of fun. Fryda-you are too pretty to dress as any of those Ho-bags, great costume by the way.


that OC costume is the best. amazing Fryda!


Gilmore, I have not seen Grey Gardens yet, so I don't get it. :\

No write up on the ATL reunion? :( I just gotta say poor Kim...What was she thinking? And then she calls out poor Dwight & his penile implant. Rude. As for Candi, loved the hair. I don't watch the OC, I tried but it just doesn't captivate me like ATL & NJ.



Margo Fletcher

Little Edie!! Fantastic, and so easy. I think you underestimate Ms. Zolciak though, the other morning I was watching MSNBC and one of the anchors commenting on the Democratic "party" led in with Don't be Tardy for the Party. I almost spit out my OJ right then and there. Hilarious costume Fryda


You look absolutely terrific! You nailed the revolutionary costume of the day...


Great.. Without human kind of 'respect', it rocks.

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