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October 16, 2009



Looooove the moose drawing David! haha. I also would have looved to see a drawing of Dwight in his spandex... or maybe not :)


For a minute I thought you meant you being Kim's WIG for Halloween not Kim herself. That would be really funny!


I died when she called her a moose & that drawing just killed me!

This show has to be scripted, this kind of ish doesn't just happen.

I really thought she wore the same wig everyday, so I was in shock! They make that many terrible wigs that cost so much? I don't know much about wigs...can't you just wash it?

Billy in Big D

I love your episode recaps. I look forward to visiting your site the day after. Don't you think it funny that when Kim stated that all the girls get along without Nene stirring up the pot? I found it fascinating. Can't wait until next weeks episode and can't wait to read your recap. I hope Kim does send you a wig...I say bombard the show's website and even hassle Andy to see if he could swing it.


Amazing pic. The monkey now has its twin bookend. I think you might have depicted her atop a piece of toast because I'm so over Nene and I will never forgive her for making me root for Kim. Never. Seems like Bravo decided last night was Nene's show with the family drama, but I can't watch her anymore. Lisa at the grave site of her brother for the first time avec camera crew was bad enough.


I am going to have to install a seatbelt to my computer chair! I just laughed so hard when I saw NeNe as a moose, I fell on the floor.

I just can't wait to see you as Kim on Halloween. Please make sure you take lots of pictures and Kim, if you are reading, send David one of your wigs, he will do you justice! Now David, please wear Kim's "He" by He-ray's red dress. I look forward to your blog more than the actual show.

FYI-The photoshop re-toucher was working overtime on those OC housewives pictures, Tamra also looks nothing like her OLD self. I think I like the OC housewives the least, there is nothing likeable about any of them. They are all a bunch of shrill, spawned from trailer-trash, age-denying loons. AND bad mothers, every one of them.


I think Lynne had some "work" done!


I really felt bad for NeNe I feel like she was really hurt when she met her dad. She reminded me of a lost little girl :( I'm still on Team NeNe, everyone this season keeps saying she sucks and she has a big head but I think the audience just has a short memory, she is always right abut Kim, a person with less character I have not seen ever!! She could at the very least donate those wigs to locks of love or something!!

Doodle Whore

Ok, Nene as Moose is freaking hilarious. The high heels are a touch of genius.


Perfecto on that drawing of NeNe! You have really outdone yourself Gilmore! I love it. There's not a whole lot to say after that drawing. Loves it! You are a genius. I'll be back later with my little details of the show! Talk to you in a minute.

Ciao Bella,



You go, Maria! And you go, Nene! I want her to keep "giving us The T" on those bitchez. Kim's just crazy. ;-)


Gilmore - it would be totally fabulous if you could dress up like KIM and then take a picture with Martinique!!! I hope Kim sends you more than one wig ... Martinique would be a stunning blonde and I'm sure your nephew would love it!!! Cheers! I love your work and your posts always make me laugh!


Nene is a typically dangerous person:
She flaunts her intelligence, but is really ignorant and uneducated. So she resorts to bullying and VOLUME.

A moose? Very nice parallel. We have elk in this part of the country, and they much more resemble her: tall, lumpy, top heavy, able to crush a car.

Two bad Kim didn't just rip off her wig, put her glass eye on the bar, and start wind-milling the mean-mouthed moose bitch.


Jus' clicked on the link to the Real Housewives of OC: Do they all shop at "Shiny Stripper Dresses R Us" or some similar Fashion Island boutique?

Always goes to show that a lot of money can buy a LOT of wretched taste. I bet wardrobe has to cut the girdles off those waddling wonders. I don't watch the show, but in a few more years when one falls off her high heels and busts a hip, I will start.

I'm going to post a link on BRAVO to this blog. They need to create a crafty re-cap by David, perhaps "Real Housewives: Unplugged" because this is where the REAL SHIT gets aired. >


I don't think I believe Kim and the wig-a-day comment. I have a sick fascination wanting to know what's under the Barbie hair.


You are uncanny! SheHe tucking her enormous, veiny penis is all I needed to hear!!!!!!!!!


I hope it was clear that I meant your line about SheHe was the funniest thing ever, all I needed to make me whoop with NENE sized laughters!


what's happened to these women of RHOA that they've each become a charicature *cough moose..monkey* Next week Nene calls Kim a 'heffa'..sheesh. Pot, meet Kettle.
Where did the real women go?
Nene is nothing like we knew her to be last season. She now is simply ANGRY, LOUD, and TEMPESTUOUS. Kim is SO over the top and enjoying the hell out of it. Maybe she changed the least..or is having a blast, blowing the BP cash that will soon run a freight-train on crack? Lisa is ..I don't know? what she's about, really (except that she's 'scripted') ..and Sheree flip-flops her alliances/friendships on a dime.

Kandi is the only member I like..and I hope she won't return. She's not meant for this madhouse of lunatics.
I wonder..did AJ find himself attacked because of his notoriety = due to the show?
If so..oy


Maria - I agree with you - I don't believe Kim wears a new wig every day either. Either way - I hope she never donates those hideous things to locks of love - isn't it bad enough that people have cancer?


The guy who's supposed to be HeHes father really does look like Bryson. HeHe's mom was a baller huh? A summer home? Jet setting between New York and Georgia! The aunt Nell?!?! No. Words. Ummm the counseling session, hilarious. Mrs. Joyce don't play that. On a sidenote, I believe HeRees friend Tiny Head Tonya wants to be one of the housewive's.

Has anyone else noticed that HeHe is a bit crosseyed? There's a lazy eye amongst him. Both of the eyes don't seem to be cooperating with each other.

That's all I have Gilmore baby. Talk with you soon!

Ciao Bella,



Gilmore you must draw Lame Lisa at some point. Oh and please draw Duh-Wrong too, please!

Love ya and as always

Ciao Bella,



I hate to be the lowest common denominator and all, but since I've been under the weather lately, and just slugging along, I'll go THERE. do we address the 'moose knuckle' situation?


Did you see The Dish on Style network?! If not you must find last nights episode Kim does a bit as herself promoting the Kim Zolciak halloween costume. Instantly thought of you. Insightful as always


You know all these Atlanta she beasts are just two steps away from primates.


WOW, so thats what happend to all of Lynne's money, it went into a comeplete facial overhaul!


What a boring ass episode. These tired bitches have nothing to offer. And the chopity chop editing makes them all the more boring with every scene being anticlimactic. Has anyone else noticed that every episode they slip in a little blip and quick cut to a commercial? This episode's "what the hell was that?" moment was Ed painting Lisa. Huh? Does Lisa have a painting studio? There was no back story and what the F was that besides embarrassing? I download this shiz on iTunes and it's worth the buck 99 not to have to sit through commercials. That and the fact that I can press pause - like I did when NeNe showed that letter to Greg in a flashback. It appears that NeNe is not very popular with all the relatives. The illiterate poison pen letter from her aunt blasted her on her selfishness. At least this show is consistent with the tranny theme: NeNe's Aunt Nell looks more like Bryson than the gigolo dad.


What a brilliant piece! I don't watch the show, but wow, you are great as ever!


I think SheRee is tucking her "enormous veiny penis" into Tanya. What do you think?


When Kim said that about Nene I literally spit out my mouthful of pino, I was laughing so hard! Did anyone else see Kim doing her Don't Be Tardy for Your Halloween Party Kit on The Dish (The Soup-style clip show on the Style Network)? I don't care for her but it was pretty funny, and I like that she can poke fun of herself and her lavish lifestyle.


Sorry Margo! I just saw your post.


Enormous veiny penis. Good christ.

They must have some kinda tranny competition going on between them. Did you see Lisa's eyebrows at the "engagement party"? (Kandi has no other friends than the usual RHoA crew? Really?) And at this point, I've come to the conclusion that Kim is indeed undercover.

Love your NeNe-as-Moose! My husband said, "Boy, he got that right."


The quote is actually "Dirty Low-Down Monkey...."

Bravo Fan

Nene the Rotten Atlanta Peach, does look like lumpy moose! Perfect observation stated by Kim!


I also think He-Ray and Tonya are gettin it on! Real Carpet Munchers of Atlanta!


What I think is funny about them is they do still get together outside of this. Just read Kim's recent twitter about LA, she's with NeNe. Get that ??/

Denise S. Matteau

They are all such ghetto and ugly evil women. Such desperate FRAUDS! Living beyond their means....the women are nothing but f*ck for $$$ c*nts. Nene is one UGLY ghetto monkey. I don't like her at all and she looks like a moose. She's disgusting! She needs to find Jesus and go to church the filthy ass whore.

Denise S. Matteau
Austin, Texas

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