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October 12, 2009



Now i know her


I havent heard her speech yet but I hate to admit that I do like her. I think her associates with that former fattie Perezhilton (I dont want to give him any more press) drags her down a bit.


I love Lady GAGA!!! she did good. I can't wait to see her in concert. Go GAGA!!!! That's a great drawing of her, hope you offer one of her for sale.


I LOVE LADY GAGA! She has become the great gay icon of our time. :-D


It's hard to take Obama at his word when he doesn't issue a stop loss with an executive order, just a quick signature to stop the invesigation of out service members. he can stop don't ask to don't tell until congress votes on it again.

but he won't apparenlty because some rather ridiculous but powerful gay leaders are asking him to not do that. those gay leaders don't have the guts civil rights leaders had in the 60s. they didn't comprimise. some even died for their beliefs.

but good speech, even thought its not enough. I heard Barney Frank said don't ask don't tell will be voted on early 2010. so that's nice. and other bills on hate crimes and employment discrimination are close.


She can't win for losing. People are cutting her up for having a decent voice but doing commercial music. Others are saying she's just a Madonna clone. Well, she's going to keep going regardless of all the couch slayers out there.

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