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August 31, 2009



Jason - keep up the great work. Keith Haring was an artist I loved when I was in my teens; I am now approaching 40. I find is spectacular that an 18 yr referencing Keith's work. Culture and history is lost on most of today's youth so I am glad to see an 18 yr so inspired by the past but still modern and edgy.

Gilmore keep posting on Jason's work. How is your nephew? Probably getting ready for school. Cant wait for your True Blood recap. IDK I was lil underwhelmed by the episode aside from Lafayette being turned and Tara manipulating her mother. Evidently Bill & Sookie did not remove all of Maryanne's influence as evidenced by Tara's vulgar remarks.


Thanks for sharing your art. Quite an eclectic grouping of things you love. I think I spotted Le Pyramide du Louvre and Reno 911, two of my favs. Mimi and some Kanye shades on a Grateful Dead Teddy, I love your style . Best of luck in school and savor every minute of being 18.


Excellent work Jason! I love the Vegas sign and the Orbit gum logo. Amazing!

Bonni Elizabeth Hall

Woo, Jason, good stuff! I love the diagonal shapes you've got repeated in the work (even in Mariah's hair ;)).

And David, you mentioned the number of people who visit the blog... Don't forget that there are people who read via RSS reader, as I do (I only show up on your actual site when I feel like making a comment). There are undoubtedly plenty more readers who hang on your every blog post, but do it via RSS instead of directly. :)

David Dust

Great work Jason!!

I absolutely love that an 18-year-old has such an appreciation for Keith Haring. He even references Haring's now-closed Soho store - The Pop Shop. I always made sure I stopped by The Pop Shop when I would visit NYC, and the fact that Keith Haring lived in NYC made me want to live here also.



I love it & I love kill bill too! :-)


Great work Jason––and David, it's so sweet of you to post a young artist's work!

this is very impressive. i wish i could draw like that.


Oh snap, Pop Shop thats right, I remember that store. It was near the Puck Bldg, I think.


Go, Jason!


such great drawings Jason! Like the Orbit gum label & the kayne west teddy bear. the the hands look so real


Wow! Very Bansky. Well done.

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