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July 13, 2009


David Dust

Mehcad Brooks (and his ass) are one of the many great things about this show.

LOVING your recaps!


J to tha Da

I stared at that booty for a good 3 minutes and forgot what I was going to say!! I think I need to start watching TrueBlood!!!


I think this must have been the sexiest episode ever. I must have played back Lafayette's hump and grind 10 times! I'm trying to find out the name of the song playing in the background. And this photo with Eggs supporting his lushness with his arm on the wall...OMG, OMG, OMG!!

I used to want to be Maryann (what great parties she throws and I adore her style!) until I figured out she must be the weird bull headed monster...but maybe your right, maybe Eggs is the monster. Who cares...he is just amazing!


Love it! Its Tuesday morning and I've already watched this episode twice. I hate getting this hooked on a series, because inevitably it'll be canceled, but since there's 7 or 8 books in the series, here's hoping it lasts a good long while! I can't get enough.

Oh and your recaps are only second to the show itself. I look forward to them just as much.


True Blood and Nurse Jackie are the two best things on TV right now. Loving the site.


There are several caps of this scene over at BIG, CLEAR caps! Suitable for desktop.

I'd like and order of Eggs too please.


Watching vampires fuck in the Bayou does nothing for me, now if you were doing the recaps to "HUNG", thats a different story


You have made my world complete with the True Blood recaps!


I remember pausing my DVR at the point and just staring at his fanny. Though I don't like chocolate as a personal preference, I might be tempted to try it now!


Love, love love.. This show keeps getting better and better. The heir apparent to the late lamented Buffy the Vampire Slayer?


IDK y but Lafayette rubs me the wrong way but the scene where he is dancing after drinking Eric's blood was hysterical. Oooh Maryanne, whats with her? I hope we dont have to wait a couple of seasons to find out what she is exactly.


I don't watch True Blood but that ass is chewy!!!

Norilyn Aspera

That is quote some behind I must say. He should be a hall of famer! lol

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