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July 22, 2009



Steamy recap, and its about time Sarah Newlin! I'm getting a bit tired of seeing Sookie and Bill do the nasty in every episode.


You should really re-cap NYC prep. those children are out of their fricking minds. and i'd love to see what you could do with PC. i cant decide if he is stalked status creepy looking or incredibly sexy...

Thanks David!!


I have not followed this show, still read your recaps. I hope your week gets better. When things get a little overwhelming I say to myself, it could be worse I could have Kim Zolciak's hair/wig/weave. For you think of Simon in a thong, see, it could be worse.


That was such a naughty part of the show!


Well, I don't mean to put a damper on your Calgon moment, but that bathtub scene is straight outta "Little Big Man," and all I could picture was Dustin Hoffman.


Hey David! question.... do you know a website where I can catch true blood episodes? Also, I agree with B, you should give NYC prep another chance.... although OC housewives are crazier :) ATL housewives next week.... yayyyY!

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