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July 02, 2009



that's awesome David... Congrats!


Yay for your drawing.
Disco queen Pocahontas, didn't Cher exhaust that look?


Ummm, like...Who's gonna tell her that Pocahontas was, like, not a Navajo? I would, but, like, I hear she, like, hits people & stuff.

Unless, like, Arizona is, like, up? Like, by the colonists? But Kelly doesn't like, like, up; she likes, like, down. And she doesn't make pasta. (WTF??)

Thanks for making me read that, Gilmore, now I have a headache.

And congratulations on your drawing!


well, she is not the brightest person, is she, but at least she is harmless unless called upon to do CPR cuz like, she probably couldn't like, figure it out like it would be too hard, like.
I hope W paid you huge bucks for your illustration.
W magazine, wow I am soooooooo impressed. I read it every month at my stylists salon.
(even tho I am paying 100 dollars for a haircut, I can't afford to buy W for myself)


Kuh-doos to you Gilmore!


Did she just go on and on and on... about taking Pocahontas out of the frickin' kayak? She is an idiot... Navajo? Really?

Like, she did ZERO research into her line? She just threw shit on the wall and waited to see what stayed put?

I smell a crash and burn coming.....

M. O'Connell

How is her ambassadorship of wool going?

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