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July 02, 2009



I am getting dizzy just looking at that, I can't imagine being able to stayed focused on those dots to complete the work. I would need to be medicated, very cool though!
Looks like an Irish Wolfhound.


LOVE Nurse Jackie!!

Great Interpretation. I'm going to take at these artists now.


Just started watching Nurse Jackie. Wasn't expecting much, but I LOVE it!

David Dust

I LOVE Nurse Jackie. As I said on my blog, I would watch Edie Falco alphabetize her spice rack, and hottie Haaz Sleiman makes it even better.



thanks for the support! you're awesome :-)

i love when i get behind in blog reading, because now i have 3 days of your posts i get to read at once. i'm already in hysterics over that posh & becks image.

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Petite Maoiste

I am waiting breathlessly for your renderings of the fabulous Jackson Family at the memorial. Janet and LaToya's Versace outfits (Janet's was very Black Panthers meets Versace, and LaToya was very Zsa Zsa Gabor meets Greta Gorbo in that satellite hat).

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