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May 03, 2009



Fantastic! I just love these, I wish I had thought to commission them for my mom; she and I (how very apropos) have fallen in love with the original and the new version. You especially captured Big Edie perfectly.

I ended up having to watch the doc on Youtube here:

Not as good as on TV, but worth it, trust me.


wow! these are beautiful. nice work!


They have to original doc on netflix if you are interested....


Oh God, I love the glasses! You have perfectly expressed the batshit!

When you watch the original make sure you have your honey and ben & jerry's with you as it is unrelentingly depressing. It might be better in Espanish.

P.S. Hope you have a speedy recovery!


Great sketches! Hope you mend quickly!


You are amazing. I am not familiar with originals, but thanks to Loryn I was able to YouTube it. Rick is a lucky man, and Joe - what a great gift. Gilmore, I didn't know you take requests. It's given me an idea for myself :0 BTW, still waiting patiently for the pics you were going to email me. I knew you were PS, but not a hospital bed. Feel better soon.


I hope you are feeling better David.
After reading your post this morning and checking out the youtube link from Loryn, I spent way too much time watching the documentary on the ladies. They are fascinating women and you did a wonderful capturing them. I especially like little Edie, she looks in your drawing like she is just dreaming of what could have been. I think Big and Little Edie are far more interesting than any of the housewives. BRAVO! to you and Happy Birthday to Rick the lucky recipient. Thanks for sharing those with all of us.


Nice drawings! the one of Edith is my favorite drawing you have ever done... such detail! (Sorry Vickiiiiii). Can I order that Edith drawing with a side of vicodin.... just kidding :)
Feel better!


Joe and Rick are two of my besties and I know that they were both so excited about the drawings! They look amazing!

Lisa B

Oh, sweetie, feel better!!!! Sketches are gorgeous as always. Take care and I hope all is well soon.




A Vicodin and cabernet recuperation is the best kind.


I don't know if you know this but you have an ad from the National Organization for Marriage appearing on your blog. Pretty weird & disturbing.

Love your blog, btw - esp. the Housewives drawings. More, more please - I missed you this week!

Borg Queen

I missed u this wk. Get better. Now to critiquing. OMG I am obsessed w) Grey Gardens story. It is sad with so much promise Lil Edie had and being held back by her mother. That HBO movie is awesome. Drew did a pretty good. thanks deedee am reactiving my netflix account just to see the original documentary. I do like that at least in the end, Lil Edie (albeit she was almost 70) realized her dream, was freed, got to travel and perform.


You absolutely must Netflix the original Grey Gardens. I promise, the first viewing you'll be alternately amused, horrified and fascinated - wondering how these women lived this way and why they would show it to the world. Then you'll watch it again, and you'll watch the extras with the fabulous Mayles's and you'll grow to love these woman and their unique view of the world. And then you'll watch it again, and again and again. It is mesmerizing and pyschological study of co-dependency and family dysfunction like you've never seen.

God bless Little Edie. She was a staunch character indeed just looking for the Libra man in the very best costume for the day. I heart her.

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