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March 02, 2009



hi Gilmore.. its Daniel from Mexico, do u remember me? hehe :D nice to see u keep with your prop 8 portraits, its always a pleasure to see your work, really, and im happy that u made a portrait of Alek & Steph... i love their sites, and seems such a smart and pretty couple, :D and god Alek is so HOT haha i love him n_n.., by the way have ever made and post a portrait of u? and.. i miss Martinique... how did she dressed up for the Oscars?.. i bet your nephew made her a fierce outfit! :D... see ya'! :D


I have been checking out your site for a couple of months now and I have to tell you that you are a great artist! I love all the sketches. Esp. the Housewives ones! Keep up the good work!


awesome. steph and alek and ohlala rock!


I think the love in that drawing says it all. Bravo.


What a handsome group of men.
The love they share will transcend any religious or political agenda. Their legal rights as individuals are as important as mine and those rights must be offered and protected equally!!


I love these portrait posts!


Love these posts!

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