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March 31, 2009


Sweet Herald

Ouch. That's gotta hurt.
Karma's a bitch!


Well, I guess that explains why the dissedCountess was so nasty this season, especially to BugEyed Ramona!

Oops, I meant to say dissedCoUNTess.

My bad!


Perhaps this does explain her transformation between seasons 1 and 2. I rather liked her the first season, and she's been a meanie this second season.

I'd be a bitch too if my husband were across the ocean banging another broad. I'm difficult that way.


I feel bad for her children. Sounds like the Count wasn't and won't be much of a dad.
What a jerk, hope she gets tons of money out of the divorce then his young girlfriend will dump him in a New York minute.
Someone 20 years younger wasn't good enough now he has to have someone 40 years younger.

Borg Queen

As my girl Bethenny said, dissedCoUNTess was creating a glass ceiling waiting to be cracked and BOY DID IT CRACK. SweetHerald is right, karma is a bitch. Once she divorces the Count, she will lose her title. On, there's a joke that Luanne is gonna pull a Tina Turner and will beg to keep her name (and title in Luanne's case). LMAO. I dont want to laugh at anyone's misery but she asked for it.


oh poor LuLu.... and i thought it was going to work out especially with him living in EUROPE!!!!


I hate to hear of anyone being in real pain, but I have to say I had always wondered where this mysterious Count was hiding. Guess now we know.


This story is just all kinds of uncomfortable.


I read and enjoyed one who commented on another blog..*sorry..I can't keep meself situated! as to blogs!*
Who said what?..Where?..What blog?? I can't give give credit for .... :

"she's now 'Countless'?"

ain't that the best???!! it's a 'Bethenny'!


Wowee! The first Real Housewives divorce? The OC ladies must be crowing -- break out the dirty martinis & Bedazzler!

Deirdre Prosseda

What I don't understand is why was she going crazy on Ramona about her count being sooo much older than her..... HE IS!! To bad for the countess! Teedee! now she is not a countess, sucks for her!!


Despite all the mean comments I am still taking the position that the Count is the jerk not the Countess and no one deserves this and especially her children.
I predict in 6 months his hot little girlfriend dumps him and he is begging Luann to take him back.


When you marry for money you earn every penny of it.


i don't see him ever begging to take him back, and they have a prenup, she'll get child support. and re the title, i'm unsure, it's one of those napoleonic titles given to gov officials, people in parliament, and i don't know if it just passes to the oldest or to all of the boys. which is kind of an interesting issue. napoleon attempted to break up the aristocracy with estate taxes, and getting rid of primogeniture, with forced heirship where all kids were entitled to a portion of the estate, and could not be disinherited, so it would be ironic that the title goes to the oldest. luanne's boy from this late marriage does not seem to be the candidate, but who knows?


It looks like Kelly is getting her just desserts by being publicly humiliated by her ex that she beat up. I wonder what Bethenny thought the moment she heard about the battery charges against her. Bethenny kept her cool tonight. Kelly is ridiculous.

I'd say Luann is going to make out OK


My heart goes out to The Countess and her children.
Kelly is truly unstable. It's so sad to watch. When will the producers wise up and take that train wreck off the show?


WHAT?! The CoUNT left the CoUNTess?! This can't be!! "YAWN" Like we couldn't see this coming from an ocean (Atlantic) away. LuAnn has been a real pretentious biotch this year but I still think she is a natural beauty. Of course, she also sucks as a mom and Alex sucks as a dad, thank god for Rosie! Poor kids. =(

As for tonight's episode, I was GLUED to the TV when Kelly asked Bethenny to meet her(30mins late) at the bar. Oh my god! Bethenny stayed so cool while this whack-job went on about, "Like, we aren't friends and we will never be friends! Like,this is me and this is you! Like, you mean nothing to me!" This moment was GOLDEN! Kelly is so freakin scared of Bethenny it is not funny. I love it! What do ya'll think Kelly is on? Cocaine? She is way too ramped all the time. Hey, I watch enough Intervention to know something is up with people! LOL
Mario's argument with Jill was embarrassing. Ok, Mario, you're a good tennis player but you are NOT Roger Federer, get over yourself! The final fight between Slimon & Alex and Mario(MAAArio, like Jill calls him, lol) & Ramona, was kind of entertaining but who really cares.


Please this will be his fouth divorce Im sure that Pre-Nup is solid as a rock. Whats gonna kill her is that she will no longer be the Countess. That was his title so he takes it with him when he leaves.

Sweet Herald

I cant wait to see your blog on tonight's episode. Kelly made a complete (psychotic)fool of herself with Bethenny. Bethenny is now my favorite on the show. She was cool as a cucumber, didn't flinch once. What a cool cat. And then Kelly trying to reassure herself, flip flopping the story. Hilarious.


Personally I think Bethenny is a mess.
Her need to make snide comments about everything and everyone is out of a ton of insecurity.
Has there been anyone she hasn't thrown under the bus.
Plus her comment that everyone is envious of her success.


Maybe she could get a job has a sales rep for Sorry for the 30 minute late comment But oh well "Thats to bad" add me on the list with the one other person in America that did not know who Kelly was, I guess my neck does not bend that far back to see up the food chain. To see a forty-something dress as a twelve year old for her twentysomething date was hilarious!

Sweet Herald

I think Mario is creepy as hell. Someone needs to pull that thick gold chain tight around his neck and shut him up.

I also think Kelly called her bed buddy to meet her at the bar after the fight. It was obvious that was not a date. What a phoney.

Petite Maoiste

SO glad Luann will lose her title, pretentious as she was brandishing it about and bringing it up at every opportunity. You can't buy class or marry into it, you don't need money to be classy, she is impolite and un-empathetic in the extreme. That said, I am sorry for any woman who gets cheated on and publicly humiliated. BRAVO does need to make an intervention with Kelly, she is clearly unbalanced as her attack on her boyfriend proves. I worry about Bethenny's safety. Looking forward to your post on last night's hot mess of an episode. Ramona has the IQ of a dust bunny behind somebody's couch.


"Ethiopian beauty" -- oxymoron of the month.


Kelly is a TOTAL wackjob. Lets hope that the judge on her future boyfriend beatdown hearing was watching..I suspect she is your typical fading "beauty" getting by on her daily cocktail of Park Avenue Pow: Vicodin/Percocet/booze and female hormone replacment. Any one of these elements on their own could make you "a bit off" but combined they can turn even a level-headed gal into SUPERBITCH!!! Cannot wait for Gilmore's read on this.

Felt so sorry for Bethanny! I am not a fan of hers and I cannot see why in the world she would rush on out to Ramoana's to trash talk Kelly! Those two have been as thick as thieves in the past, and Ramoana seems to be sucking down her own dose of daily PAP, but Bethany showed her classy side by not sinking to Kelly's level. This show is finaly getting interesting! BTW: I suspect Tamra (the hottest housewife) is behind these Vicki deaththreats!


I feel bad for her. I had a cheating husband, and it sucks! Of course, a nice alimony might have made a world of difference to me...LOL

Kelly is a nut job. That conversation she had with Bethenny made me laugh out loud. She looked like a total idiot as Bethenny just sat there poker faced and letting Kelly bray on....


Ah what the fictional Carrie Bradshaw would make of this breakup. Fans will recall her outrage and subsequent meltdown after a boyfriend broke it off via a post-it note.
Sixteen years with a man, mother of his two kids and all the Countess gets is a lousy email breakup?
I hope she takes his withered old ass to the cleaners and gets a 20-something fuckbuddy to spend it all on.


OMG, the drama... On AND off the show! First, Kelly gets arrested. Then Alex loses her job. And now, LuAnn gets divorced! My goodness, the NY Housewives are looking like a hot mess almost worthy of Atlanta status!

Quick, someone call Sheree to school LuAnn on how to break a pre-nup and get "six figures!!!!!!" in court! Someone call Lisa to get Alex a job for one of her clothing/jewelry lines! And someone call Nene and Dwight to dish out all this dirt as only they can!

Or hey, maybe the OC housewives can help? Perhaps Jeana can give LuAnn some advice on dating? Maybe Vicki's looking to expand her insurance empire and hire Alex? We really need for Tamra to step in just to stir up more sh*t.

No really, I missed this week's episode and can hardly wait to catch the rerun... Especially considering all the off-camera drama. These NY Housewives really are getting more interesting with each show.


I also thought that her husband was having an affair on her , because when she was at that horse show, she was pretty upset when she counldt get a hold of her husband and I had a feeling that he was having an affair and she suspected it also you could tell.
I heard that she flew to geneva immediately after she found out to beg him not to leave her. How pathetic! But how sad! When she came back from sweden at the beggining of season 2 she told the other women that the count was in asia and the thought always would run through my head that the count was up to no good. Im wondering if this is the first affair he’s had or was there more? Has anyone seen a picture of the Ethiopian woman?

I also read on realfauxhousewives. com that the countess was drunk at a party and making a scene and fighting with the count.


I liked the Countess last season, but this season it seemed to have gone to her head. No dear, we don't need your etiquette advice, thank you very much.
Still, I feel bad for her. She must have had a feeling what was going on; I wonder if she met Mr. Count while he was still married. This certainly explains her unpredictable behavior this season, sending Victoria to boarding school so she would be somewhat guarded from all the tabloids. She ought to get oodles of dinero, child support & alimony for 16 years? That ought to give her enough time to build a successful life for herself.
Everyone seems to rag on the eccentric Simon, but imho, he & Alex have the best marriage of all the housewives, including OC & Atlanta. They're best friends, content in an above ground pool & are able to co-exist in a living space that would drive most nuts. They deserve an award of some sort!
As for the comment about Bethenny's snide comments about others, I think that's her cynical sense of humor & most likely attributed to her screwed up childhood. Speaking of which, the girl has done pretty damned good ~ she's literally making lemonade out of lemons.
Heck, even Ramona is starting to grow on me this season. As for Jill, I've always liked her. This is way too mushy, perhaps I should take up drinking.

M. O'Connell

Looks like it's back to the reservation, Luann.

Janet K

Not for anything, but the "Countess" needs to be pulled back a few notches. How annoying. "Do you know what a Countess is?" to children...who cares. She's been touting her "countess-ness" way too long. She needs a slap up the side of her head. Get over it, girl...remember where you came from, Mz. Thang..

Madeline Daigle

I'm an American Indian girl from Boston, and though ALL the women on the show are cast in the most pretentious and selfish light, there are(few)moments when their true selves are revealed, though probably unintentionaly. There is definitley a lot to be admired AND criticized in the Countess, though ultimatley SHAME ON THE COUNT, that French SCUM, for humiliating the mother of his children! I think there exists in all of these women a duality of existance. The drive and desire to be recognized, valued, and desired, as well as the fear of being vulnerable, somehow fading from the limelight and success. I admire Bethanny for her self-sufficiency, and Ramona as well, though she rubs me the WRONG WAY. I wish LuAnn the best of luck without that lout, and here's to American Indian girls marrying up (even if it's only for a little while)!


Maybe LuAnn changed after signing onto the show and became an embarassment to her husband?

The article at the site above appeared in the New York Post on August 26, 2008 describes how, at a wedding in the Hamptons, she grabbed the mike, sang songs and knocked over a drum set and then started groping crotches.

According to the article:
" Then, LuAnn, who was there with her husband, Alexandre Count de Lessups, seemed overwhelmed with affection for her fellow guests. "She was trying to make out with women and married men," the source said. "A pregnant wife caught her in the act, stormed off and walked home in disgust."

Alexandre "tried to make her leave and was seen throwing her to the ground in the parking lot," our spy continued. "

Maybe the Count just finally got tired of hearing other Royals tell him that he should dump her? Surely,some may have watched the show as well and gossiped about LuAnn's disgraceful, inappropriate and quite un-Royal antics. Maybe one of his friends introduced him to the Ethiopian Princess to cheer him up? Google and see what comes up.


...and what about telling the chubby young black girl who said she wanted to be a model that she'd have to lose weight. Instad of encouraging her, LuAnn, in essence, was telling her that she was not good enough just as she is. I guess LuAnn is such a narcissist that the fact that there ARE highly paid plus-sized models didn't even enter her mind.
How toxic, mean and wounding!

Who would want to be married to such an unclassy and shallow woman?


Sorry but doesn't lose the Countess title.
Why do you hate on her so bad??


She said on the reunion show that she gets to keep her "Countess" title.

Chiatu Nazimwe

Do people even realize the count is not european, rather African.......yes Egyptian,that's African babe. That explains the Ethiopian woman....LOL.

K. Lookingglass

Awwww! Poor LuLu that is bad.....I wish that she would be more proud of her culture as a Native American to me she seems to be more non- Native then having the pride of who she is.

Shannon Jones

You know LuAnn has a lot of good qualities. She actually is not as shallow and scattered as some of the others. That is the reason people liked her in the first season better. I agree with Lookingglass. If she would drop the shtick, all of the pretension, and just embrace herself for who she is, she would be a lot more likable. She's cutting her nose off to spite her face & doesn't even realize it. Forget the ridiculous title, the hen-pecking etiquette, and move on LuAnn, you're better than that.


The fourth wife of a count does not a countess make- that woman is a broad...


I love the Countess. Luann, I mean. She is a beautiful, interesting woman. I can't stand Bethenny anymore. GET OVER YOURSELF!!

Kerry, Perth Aust.

What about the previous three countesses. Did they get to retain the title like Lu-anne? Are there 4 Countess De Le Sepps running around? Does anyone know what happened to them?

The Real Ho'wives

To Andrea: Switzerland, not Sweden...

louanne nadeau is so FAKE, as fake as her title!

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