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February 09, 2009



Wow this is fantastic! Congratulations. I enjoyed Transamerican Love Story with Calpernia and Andrea. Yikes Joel Lambert is painfully gorgeous! I look forward to Transproofed!


I love the picture of your Jennifer, I see a little bit of much younger Vicki in her eyes. Your current mannequin is fantastic, I can't imagine how you were able to draw all of those faces with such detail on the body parts. You must be so excited to have your art in the film, I can't wait to see it. I checked out Calernia's web site beautiful woman on the inside and out.


oops my letter "p" did not appear in Calpernia's name sorry.


MAJOR congrats on your artwork being featured in a wonderful sounding short film! I'll definitely check it out!!!!!!!

Again, major congrats from one of your biggest fans <3



I'd recognize that mannequin anywhere! I loved that photo set too!


Thanks Jeff, Maggie, Gina, and Anthony for your nice comments. It's a thrill seeing my painted mannequin in their film--- wonder if he can get a SAG card out of that? :)

On the flip, I had someone named ButtNugget (nice, huh?) leave an especially cruel comment on this posting. I'm fine if a reader has a problem with something I've written or drawn--- bring on the criticism. However ButtNugget's comment were nothing but mean spiritedness aimed at the cast of this film. That person went on to say that they guessed I wouldn't "approve" their comment and called me a chicken. I tried sending an email to the address he or she left, but it was returned. It seems ButtNugget that not only are you using a fake name but also giving a false email address. Suppose that would make you the chicken. And a douchebag. Congrats! Oh you were right about me not approving your comment. Yea for you.



As Dwight from RHOA would say "we'll just pray for him". Sounds like "Turd stuck in his ass" has some issues in his closet.

More Joel! He's a dreamboat!


As much as I poke around here hoping for a Martini update I still manage to miss so much! Just saw this.
Transproofed looks like so much fun and the cast is gorgeous-especially the amazing mannequin you've created Gilmore!
He was made to be in pictures!
Have a lovely Valentines day with your Honey Bunny!


That Buttnugget guy was just being jealous of you and your talent. We love you and your work!

Aman Chaudhary

OMG! I know Andrea and Michael! I will have to check this out. Congratulations!! :o)

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