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February 12, 2009



It's sad that in 2009 we can really answer "how in the hell do you have 8 kids in your tummy??!"


They need to pick up those children and take her to Belluve.

Petite Maoiste



What a perfect rendition! I loved the way you captured her "natural" lips.

After watching her interview, I truly believe she is mentally ill. Why on earth did the doctor(s) continue giving her IVF treatments?

I think the doctor should be supporting the children since he really enabled them come to existence and not the American public.

Exploiting her babies in order to raise cash is just disgusting.

Chris M, Lead Hunkologist

Awesome illustration... I thought the same thing when I stumbled onto the site yesterday.


Saw you on Perez today, Gilmore! Yummy!

...but not so yummy - this baby machine. *shudder*

Yeah, what up with the doc that allowed this experiment to go down in the first place?


Thi$ i$ fabulou$! You aren't adding to the crazy! You are brilliantly giving her a kick in the a$$ and I love it.

You captured her "crazy" perfectly. And I just noticed the protruding belly button and gagged a little bit. Well done!


What a tragedy for the children.
Such a horrendous mess.
It probably would be better if they found other homes for the children. (permanent homes) There is no way to get around that one person can't care for 14 children.


this is disgusting.
first of all, she should have been ready for this and gotten a stable job and support her own goddamn family
instead havin the state of cali have to pay for her own doing
its pisses me off becuase this is really selfish


I'm so glad you have not done any new drawerings so that every time I come to this site, this lovely luscious-lipped lady is top front and center first thing to my eyes.

Drawerings - like the Mike Myers SNL character in the bathtub asking if we want to see his drawerings. That's you!


Hooray Gilmour! You're on Perez! I mean it *is* Perez (depending on if you think he's satan, it might not be a good thing) but there's no such thing as bad press (unless your name is Lindsay...)!
You've nailed it again... the crossed eyes are perfect!
Visited her site this afternoon after Tivoing her NBC thing...the Paypal thing killed me. Nope, not whoring out her kids at all... people like her should be involuntarily sterilized. Should have happened after the first FOUR kids.


Aman Chaudhary

This is truly awesome!

rhea - Chief Cocktail Officer

This has GOT TO BE the funniest pic I've seen... FREAKIN AWESOME

I'm so pissed off about this crazy mommy, and I would love to feature this pic on my blog at


Um, Vanro,
Perhaps you're not appreciating the irony of your comments. Octomom WAS sterile. That's why she had the IVF.
Nature was on our side until a greedy doctor stepped in.
They should both be prosecuted.


I totally dig the artwork! As my friend wrote, it's simply art imitating life. Octo-Moo is sad and scary, and it's the kids who will suffer in the end.

...and folks call childfree people SELFISH all the time. YEAH, RIGHT! LOL


I'm all for free (and mandatory) spay and neutering programs, um, for humans!


Perfect rendition


"...and folks call childfree people SELFISH all the time"

No kidding, right? At least people like us (childless by choice) aren't deluded into thinking that having a baby will instantly give us some type of satisfaction or validation. At least I can stand up and admit I wouldn't be the best parent in the world.

LOL anyone who does say I'm selfish usually thinks twice when they see me with a carload of my cousins (ranging from age 2 to 12) going to some kind of fun activity, or the one with all the kids at a family gathering.

This Octopussy makes me ill. She doesn't see her children as people she's responsible for, but possessions. I refuse to give a cent to someone like her, who spends tens of thousands on IVF, plastic surgery, and gets her nails done while claiming she's "disabled".


saw this pic on perez..... hilaaarious!!! what a hot mess


Whoops Vern. I think in my haste to congratulate Gilmour I stuck my head up my ass...
Basically what I meant was there should be a law (or something) to prevent a mother of 6 pre-existing welfare crumb snatchers from having MORE welfare crumb snatchers, be it via refusal to use IVF OR refusal of MORE welfare. I didnt sign up to pay this bitch's bills or feed her kids. Call me heartless, but I'm broke enough!
Make more sense?


Oh VanRo,
You had me @ "6 pre-existing welfare crumb snatchers"! (now that's an image)
I'm not against welfare, I've been a single mom and I know how hard it is to raise a child on one pathetic income. I would have made more money being on welfare but I didn't want to raise my child that way. What I have a problem with is a woman on welfare getting IVF to stay on welfare, ruining her kid's lives as well as her parents. Any money Miss CrazyPants had, should have gone to mental health treatment instead of reproductive treatment.


You were also on under the Newton's cradle!

They were definitely talking about you when they added it to their website!

Just thought I'd pass along the info!


This may be a little late -- but the drawing is PRICELESS!! It should have been MasterCard vs. Visa... we could have done a:

Invetro Fertilization - $10K a pop
Hospital Bill for Birthing Octumplets - $3M TaxPayer Dollars
Having Your Exposed Belly With Sponsor Logos While Begging for Money - PRICELESS.

You should reconsider the Visa logo and see if you can get MasterCard to cough up some $$ to YOU for drawing this! Hysterical!

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