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February 15, 2009



Thanks, I needed that...

Stephanie Olsen

Thanks for posting the photos! We were so excited to win the pug contest! Thanks to you and the other judges for choosing LT! He was petted, talked to, and photographed for the rest of the day! We had a blast!


I had a beautiful black pug run in my house one night when I was unloading groceries. After walking around the neighborhood and calling the police dept, her owner and I finally found each other after 2 days. But I would have loved to kept her. Such a sweet dog. Love pugs!


I LOVE pugs and Frenchies! My parents had two named Pudgie and Georgie who passed while I was still a little kid, but I remember them fondly.
Frenchies are little cows with attitudes. if my pre-existing IG's wouldnt have an utter shit fit I'd get a blonde Frenchie in a hot minute!


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