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January 01, 2009



I can't believe that this is still an issue. Why should anyone have the right to tell two people that they can't get married? For all of those hiding behind religion to fuel their hate, I went to catholic school and MY GOD does not discriminate. He loves everyone, and would never deny anyone that same basic right. It kills me how "straight" people, especially in California, get married and treat it as a joke- getting divorced after a month, but God forbid a homosexual couple- where most have been together at least a decade- want to do the same thing. These people that voted No have NO CLUE. Are they thinking of the children? Are they thiking of couples that love eachother and want to have the same rights as a straight couple? What is everyone so afraid of? I am straight, and straight people have not done such a great job with the whole marriage thing, myself included. I can't wait for people to stop being ruled by fear.


Otis, you seem smokin' cool. Very glad to have just purchased a couple of your Diva cards.

My only issue with the marriage vs. civil union thing is that, I believe that ALL unions ought to be civil ones - i.e. sanctioned by the government, and if one wants to go that step further and go to a church for their sacred "hoopla" ceremony, then so be it. I was married before - as a young, dumb, 23 year old who got married in my family's church, but if I ever do it again, by all means, it will be done at a courthouse or by someone presiding who is not religous. I don't believe that someone's dumbass religious blessing of my wedding makes it real. The rights of unionship should be enoyed by all. I like though, how the religous kooks worry about the dimishing sanctity of marriage - my ex-husband slept around like an ally cat, but told me that if I was ever raped, he would have a hard time ever accepting me again. Go figure. He was a college boyfriend who should have been left as that. Very poor judgement on my part.

As far as your family goes, you're so lucky to have a mother who accepts you for who you are. Be sure to embrace her back!


Wow David, I'm lovin' the portrait! So weird to see a painting of myself, but I can't stop smiling.

Kim, I totally co-sign on your take on civil unions. If straights can run off to Vegas and get married by an Elvis impersonator or a courthouse, why should the church care if same sex couples want to do the same thing? I mentioned 'marriage' and 'unions' debate because it's been said that marriage provides certain rights that unions don't.

Thanks for supporting the cards! Diva is my favorite :-)


Note to self, don't write something you feel strongly about when you aren't fully awake.....I meant to say the people that voted yes are idiots.

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