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December 28, 2008



Hey that's my guy! I love him to bits!


Terry's comments broke my heart with their simple eloquence. Well done!


I second Vern's comment - Terry well said!


What a great series you're producing! I love your site here, but haven't been by in a while. Plan to spend more time here.

Terry, I agree with you that the further these nuts go off the deep end in marginalizing those who don't conform to their ridiculous beliefs, the more the rest of us will hopefully stand up and just say NO and put an end to the nonsense! I'm straight, but it doesn't matter. I live in the DC area, and have lots of friends and acquaintences who have no problem with gay marriage, but feel it doesn't impact their life, so they really don't talk about it much. I try to seize every opportunity to educate these people on why it's unacceptable for us to live in a country where basic rights are denied to people based on their sexual orientation. It's our responsibility to make others stop and think, and act accordingly.


Hey man, you're totally right. When I first came out to my mom at 16 she was against gay marriage because "there would then be less discrimination against gays and there would then be more of them". Now she proudly STILL has her NO on 8 sign on our frontyard, and has no problem talking about her happily enGAYged daughter to all her friends.


Nikki: Congratulations on your engagement. Are you getting married soon? In what state? Best wishes to the two of you.


What Terry's mother said to him when he came out just breaks my heart. I have to try to remember not to focus on that, but to focus on the wonderful parents nowadays who will raise their children with acceptance and love. I hope that eventually Terry's parents will come to some understanding and realize that their son is still the man they raised, and love him and treat him with kindness no matter what they were raised to think.

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