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December 22, 2008



Yes I want my Wino back for Xmas, too. I miss her and am dying for a new album!

I ADORE your rendition of the beach photo much much more than the actual image I saw.

xoxos and enjoy the holidays,


I love what you've done with her! Man, that could so be the cover of an old penny rag!

Opinionated Diva

I do like your drawing better than the actual photo, but I have to admit, I HATE HER BEEHIVE!!! I always wonder if she has a stash of drugs under there. I also LOATHE the cleopatra lined eyes. I see it and want to wash her face.

Is the hubster Pete Doherty?? I'm not sure, but dude always looks like he smells bad...probably does. lol

Anyway, enjoy your Holiday!!!

CAPlastic Surgeon

Eww. Thanks a lot. It's hard to believe a woman that young looks so rough. If she makes it to 30 she's going to need a ton of plastic surgery just to look 50.

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