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November 09, 2008



It is such a shame that Prop 8 was passed. It's quite astonishing to me how people can become so comsumed with an issue that probably would never affect their life. I know it's probably not the best help but all I can say is that I love you and your work and I will be right there fighting with/for you until Gay Rights are finally resolved. There may be a lot of people who are critisizing you, but just remember there are a lot of us who did (vote no) and DO support you! Keep your head up, babe!


Congratulations on 13 years of love! Most straight couples would have been divorced already.


This is your site, Keep up the fight, don't let this issue die! I can't wait to see more drawings of those close to you.


I honestly do not get it with the Prop 8 (and some other states passed very similar discrimination laws!). It's only a matter of time until it's completely struck down, I'm sure of that, but better sooner than later.

It was once illegal for people of different races to marry, and we now consider that absurd. The day will come when we consider this issue absurd, as well.

You know, if the guys down the street have a piece of paper shouldn't make any difference at all to the average family. How are they affected? In what way is this a problem for them? Why do they even care? I guess it's just an "us and them" attitude, that they don't want "them" to have the same rights as "us". Very charitable attitude there, don't you think?

I'm going to stop now. I could go on and on about this. It really annoys me, and I'm very straight, very female, and very married. I can only imagine how someone with a more direct stake in this fight for basic rights must feel...


Good for you, Gilmore! I had the opportunity to meet Shannon Price Minter, the lead counsel on the case before the CA Sup. Ct at a symposium on the intersection of transgendered individuals and the law on Saturday. He had a lot of very interesting things to say about this case as well, one of which was that it seems like the right wingers are focused on making marriage about a purely sexual thing for the GLBT community, and, please, marriage is about more than sex, in teh real world. It's another way of subtly dehumanizing the GLBT community, by refusing to acknowledge that everyone is capable of having a real relationship, and positing that gays and lesbians can only have sexual, second class relationships.

Shannon seemed kind of confident- upset, but confident. He talked about how they are going to fight this, as saying that Prop 8 is a fundamental, major change to the underlying structure of teh constitution and therefore, it cannot be amended by a simple majority on a ballot- we were so close in CA! The other side did not make the majority really needed to subtract such a right from the CA constitution. If we win on that, the ballot initiative is overturned- and the CA Sup. Ct. at least, has a pretty good understanding at this point of the GLBT issues surrounding marriage, and that's our biggest hurdle in the courts- making sure that the judges understand that someone in the GLBT community is human, and making that judge relate on a personal level to that person somehow.

I could go on for hours, but I don't want to over-take your blog more than I have already. :)


It's your blog and you can dis prop 8 if you want to!


This is YOUR blog and an issue that affects you greatly....Keep posting about Prop 8 because this will show how it affects REAL people... people need to know how much it hurts people to have such a fundamental right removed from them! The government needs to learn they just can't grant a right and then take it away.

For the readers who don't like it, think about this:

How would would you feel- ladies- if your right to vote had been repealed? For the African-Americans... what if people voted away your right to full citizenship along with the right to vote and said slavery shall occur again? How would any of you feel if they decided, once again, to make a constitutional amendment making alcohol illegal?

Just because someone isn't a part of the group affected doesn't mean this- or something like it- can't affect all of us... when and where will revoking rights from people stop?


I'm still trying to come to terms with the news that prop 8 passed. I was so sure that California, being such a liberal state, would smack down prop 8 with no problem, especially after my state (MA) struck down several moves to stop gay marriage. I never imagined this would be the outcome and it really does break my heart.

I can only hope that together we can fight against it and have prop 8 revoked. I don't live in California, but I'll still try to do whatever I can on my side of the country to help it happen. It should be a fundamental right for consenting adults to be able to love whomever they want, and to join into a legal union together, regardless of gender, religion, color, etc.


I'm shocked by the passing of Prop 8 and I can't see how it's OK to take rights away from one group of people and not from another. If we tried to take away the civil rights movement there would be an outcry (and rightly so).
And as for the people who tell you to "stick to what you know", this is what you know. You're a human being- you may enjoy celebrity culture and reality TV- but that isn't all there is to you.
This is what you know and it affects you. Of course you must speak out against it! Don't let this injustice lie!
Hugs from England
x o x o


First of all, Way to go Gilmore and Honey Bunny - Congratulations!! I always love a good love story - and kudos to you both for making your relationsip work!!

As a mom, I hope my kids find love and companionship that makes them happy!

Now, onto Prop 8 - I just don't get it - honestly! WHY in the living hell would anyone care if a gay couple or a straight couple are married??? Is there nothing else to worry about and butt in to?
I think everyone - all Americans - should have the right and the privilege of being legally married if that is what they want - straight or gay. Not "allowing" it to one group is discrimination - pure and simple. Can you imagine if another group had rights taken away??
This Prop 8 thing is just wrong. As a woman, I hope my right to vote - or my right to an abortion - is not revoked.
People need to find a cause that HELPS people - like starving children, homelessness, illnesses, abuse, etc - instead of this discrimination against Gays that only HURTS people. Pisses me off!!!


It's disappointing to me that there are so many closed minded people. I can only hope that one day there will be equal rights for everyone. I don't understand how two people that have just met in Vegas can stop at a corner chapel and get married and there is no problem with it. But people of the same sex that have been together for years are unable to just because they are gay. There is no sanctity in marriage when two strangers can get married with no second thought and end in divorce 3 months later. As far as you expressing your thoughts on Prop 8 and people not wanting you to do hell with's your blog. If they don't want to read it...then don't. Keep doing what you do! I love your site, and wouldn't want you to change a thing!!!


Love the sketch of your honey bunny - what a cutie - and such soulful eyes.

You should feel free to keep the Prop 8 debate alive here because you're right, we mustn't let it go away until this stuff is struck down.

You give us such great entertainment here, but I also appreciate your more "serious" themes. So just keep being you!

I live in a neighborhood where a happy gay couple just had three triplets by surrogate, and these men are the most devoted, strong people. Great parents.

I just get sad every time I think of their three kids and how they won't have the honor of knowing that the world supports their two daddies in the sense of allowing them to marry. They are in every other sense a family. It makes no sense to deny them such basic rights.


Shannon M.

I am a proud adoptive mother. Our situation is a bit unique in the fact that we are a transracial family (my husband and I are Caucasian and our beautiful daughter is African-American). I can somewhat relate to your frustration; like you some people don’t approve of our family make up and it is extremely wearisome and heartbreaking. I can’t imagine completely what you must be feeling, I wish I had the power to change what has been done, you and your partner should have the same rights as everyone else. I think love is a wonderful blessing and as long as you love each other – color, sexual orientation, nor anything else should stop you from becoming a family. Please know there are so many of us that support your right to have equal rights - I hope things change for the better soon, until then keep positive and continue your advocacy work. Good luck and best wishes!


Never give up! I won't. Everyone should be free to marry whomever they love. I will gladly be reading anything and everything you post.


Dear Gilmore,

Your site and artwork have been an outlet and delight for me, both humorous and creative. I can tell that you are in pain I would like to offer this story as a positive affirmation for the love you feel for your "husband".

I am a former native Californian and my 88 year-old mother, who I take care of is a second generation native. We now live in Oregon because so many of the wonderful things that California once offered are now sadly, gone forever. I am speaking of the fresh air, open space AND the progressive "live and let live" attitude.

My great aunt, who is now deceased, was a lesbian who lived with her partner for over 45 years. She had to hide their relationship for her entire life and pretend that she and her partner were roommates. Our family knew all about it and accepted them, it just did not make any differnce to any of us. I pitied them because of the secret they had to share for so many years. It was only after my aunt died that her partner felt comfortable announcing the true nature of their relationship.

My aunt was a repected, religious member of her community for over sixty years. She gave freely of her time and plenty of money to her church (homophobic Baptists!) and community. Whatever her faults and shortcomings (and there were many) she had every right to enjoy the same freedom and privileges that every straight person takes for granted.

I feel the same sorrow for you and your beautiful honey-bunny! The only thing I can tell you is that most marriages don't make it as long as you two have. Please don't allow this to diminish your love for each other and dull your days together.

Love is very hard to find in this world and if you find it you should regard it as the precious gem that it is.

Please don't allow this horrible election episode to diminish your love and commitment for each other.

Love and best regards to you both!


I am a native Angeleno now living in New York. I have a boyfriend of 4 years. I was so hurt as well as embarrassed about the Prop 8 issue. My bf an I both come from strict Fundamentalist Christian backgrounds and have had quite enough of being marginalized by a religion that hates unlike the God who's name they use in vain. Who's family values tear apart families. I could go on. After this marriage debacle is fixed how about we stop treating HIV patients like they are pariahs and worthy of shame and secrecy and start treating them with the same compassion that we do breast cancer patients...Oh I digress

Aman Chaudhary

You go! This is your blog, so it should reflect what's important to you!

Great portrait! Someday this will be overturned, and you two will be able to marry. :o)


Gorgeous! Keep up the fight!


The love and communication represented by you and your partner should be a lesson to all those who believed the lies put out by the Mormon church and the Yes on 8 crowd.

I'm also glad the finger pointing along racial lines which has been a fixture on many blogs, is not all over your blog. I don't think one group is more homophobic than another, but I do feel homophobia across racial, religious, and class lines should be address by diverse lgbt people being involved in the process. Just my opinion.

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