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November 20, 2008



Heard on the news last night that we have a local politician trying to pass a bill to legalize same sex marriage to improve the civil union bill that Dean tried to get through years ago. Poor guy received a death threat and the cops are "looking in to it". One step forward, one step back. The good news is that they say Vermont will likely pass the bill. Yeah!!

PS-ALL of your friends are so pretty! I bet your Pool parties are amazing!


All your friends are very handsome, but they are also very eloquent. I love this series you're doing. Almost as much as your Real Housewives drawings... okay, I love this series more because your friends are so smart and thoughtful and eloquent and real human beings.
Unlike the housewives.


Thank you Gilmore for making me look so young!!


Hey there, this is Jeff's partner. Don't pay in attention to him, he is even more handsome in person! Thanks so much for your website and this series. TL


I love this series. It is so important to put (fabulous) human faces on Prop 8. I am separating from my husband, who has grown ever more conservative in the Baptist church. My best friend of 10 years just came out a year ago and she has never been happier. My soon to be ex says, "Hate the sin, love the sinner." Since when is granting a whole group of people civil rights a sin? It's interesting that ever since he went back to this church, he now uses the word "gay" as a synonym for stupid or as an insult. If this is what is preached in his church, no thanks. I am not divorcing him for intolerance, but it is a strong motivation. I am bisexual, which he equated as a phase. Not a phase, I assure you.

That's enough ranting. But this series is so moving. I've sent it all over the Google to so many of my friends. I'm so angry that this kind of intolerance exists today. My grandmother is 89 years old. She remembers segregation. She said, "Why don't we let them get married? It's not like gay people haven't just lived together." She suggested Wyoming legalize gay marriage and give Brokeback themed romantic cowboy weddings. "Just like Elvis in Las Vegas!" she said.


I love this series, but I'd love it even more if some women were included as part of it. How has the lesbian community been affected by Prop 8?


Update. Jeff and Terry married 10/30/2010 in New Haven CT.

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