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November 14, 2008



I have been following your blog for sometime now, and I love it. Your art work is amazing and your sense of humour is wicked : ) I also respect the use of your blog as a forum to speak out on issues that you care about. I am a married hetero sexual woman, I do not believe in any way that another person/persons love should be stiffled or subjected to ridicule. I am fully for gay marriage. How could any caring person not be? I feel so unhappy that the majorty of this country has trouble seeing that everyone should be free to show their love, and deserve the same BASIC rights. For those who feel it belittles the sanctity of marriage, I laugh, it hasn't affected the sanctity of mine. In fact, I am so happay and I love my spouse, and I wish that everyone had a chance to feel that. I hope one day you get a choice, instead of small minded scared people choosing for you. Prop 8 = HATE


This is a great series and I love the portraits. I'm starting to understand there is a disconnect for people. The Mormons of all people forget their own controversial beginings to persecute others.
Other religious people support killing by supporting the war. I heard so many people say Obama has no experience, but loved the idea that Palin was "fresh" and would learn on the job. Huh?
The only thing I can come up with is these people need to "control" something because they feel so small and petty in their own lives. Our world is crazy, but filling it with more hate won't make it any better. Prop 8 is hate, and we should be trying to eliminate H8te, not add to it.
Thank you for adding love to the world by sharing your life and your art.

Miss Mezza

Yeah, Gilmore, it totally sucks. I agree with Mitch. i was also interested in what Ellen had to say about the outrage of supposedly reversing her marriage, and what Melissa Ethridge said about 'no taxation without representation.'

Like you guys, here in Oz we just swapped an embarassing a-hole for a good-guy-with-a-brain leader, but i must say i was disappointed with what Kevin Rudd had to say about gay marriage just before he was elected. He's having none of it. Oh well we got got rid of d***bag Johnnie Howard, i guess you can't expect to have it all in one hit. (Like Mitch, i know i live in a nation of twits.)

Not gay myself, but i have long been angry and, actually, ashamed about this ridiculous denial of human rights. It gives heteros a bad name. This 'civil union' rubbish they keep talking about is just a begrudging piece of crap that adds insult to injury. If you're gonna do it, do it properly.

Power to you, thanks for your continuing fabulous work -- particularly gorgeous pic of Mitch

Miss Mezza


Beautiful! Keep them coming!


I read your blog everyday! I love your artwork (especially the housewives) But this picture struck me because your best friend reminds me a little of the Jake Ryan character from 16 Candles! I love it! Keep up the good work!


Thank you, all of you for your comments and supportive emails!

RatGirl, Vern, Miss Mezza, and Midevil- Thank you! Really appreciate your feedback.

Dee-Dee- It's so funny you mentioned he looked like Jake Ryan from 16 Candles. My friend has had countless people say that to him over the years and has even been asked if he is that actor. Love that that came thru in his portrait.



I never believed that Prop 8 would pass, I thought our country was further along than that. I was, I guess, born Catholic and was always proud of that, but now that I'm older and see how conflicting it is I don't know what I am! I feel like I'm a little bit of everything. I respect people's individual beliefs, but when you push your "religion" on everyone else that's when I get really fucking irritated. So your book tells you that marriage is "man and woman" or that life begins when cells connect. There are millions of people who believe the opposite! We're all wrong? This whole thing is disgusting to me. It is so ironic that in the same day we elect our first black president, we take civil rights away from an entire group of human beings. I pray (to something) that justice prevails and we can teach the ignorance away. From a hetero married girl from Iowa.

Opinionated Diva

Wow...First I have to say I love the portrait! Do you take requests? Ok I'm kidding...but not really. lol

Seriously though, I don't think I will EVER understand why the marriage of gay couples scares people so much. But like Mitch said...(America) has a long way to go. Keep fighting.


First off, let me say how great and important your prop.8 idea is. I haven't been able to see or say hi to you for awhile,David, but I'm glad to see you are always "on".  ;)
You're so fortunate to have a friend like Mitch, for so long. I agree with Mitch also, to many of the issues are convoluted and overshadowed by "religion". This may sound simplistic but this is THE reason our past representatives decided on the separation of STATE and CHURCH. Not only when it comes to gay issues but also for women, -Still (statiscaly)the largest group of POOR,MINORITIES in the US. My other reason is personal, as having best friends who are gay and others who have passed away from aids (remember this one? the gay disease,MORONS)- to now as a mother of a gay teen. Don't we also want the best for the future? for ous kids?

Anyways thanks for listening, always love your art and humor. Have a great week.

PS- I'm not as old as I seem.....=)

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