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November 02, 2008



Um, I do believe yu stole your costume idea from MK :)


And I see that you stayed at The Standard :)


Hi Virginia,
Yes, we stayed at The Standard.
No, I did not steal anyone's costume idea. My best friend and I had been planning on that costume for several weeks. It's such a funny video I thought there would have been more people dressed as her.
I did not know someone else had claimed dibs on it. :)
I appreciate your message but not being called a costume thief.


Bonni Elizabeth Hall

One thing that I love when you post photos of some event or holiday you enjoyed is that you've always got at least a couple of pictures of hunky men. That hairy bloke with the horns... YOWZA. Yummy, what nice eye candy!

And... you wear a size 10? I'm jealous. I've never worn a size ten in my adult life (but I have better boobs than you do, mostly because mine are real ;-P).

Your blog is always so much fun. Happy Halloween!


I laughed the entire way through this post, but the pictures of you reaching for peoples faces were especially great. Awesome idea for a costume!


That's awesome! Makes my Sarah Palin seem passe. ;) Especially b/c I tried to get my friend to go as Cindy McCain, and HE WOULDN'T! How lame! Your friends are clearly more awesome than mine.


Oh my god, what an awesome costume idea! Aside from the blackout faces you guys look great, kristen wiig would be proud I'm sure.
Genevieve- I had to laugh at your mention of trying to get your friend to go as cindy mccain, I saw the hairiest man ever dressed as cindy mccain, it was the highlight of my friday night!

Ok where are these parties because they certainly aren't in my OC neighborhood. I gotta venture downtown more often, because you look like you had a blast David.

I am ROLLING at your baby hands. God, I love that skit. Your tiny little baby hand on that guy's face is hysterical!!!

And Virginia, If that was your first post. Way to go. Accuse the owner of costume thievery. Sheesh. She obviously has no idea how talented YOU are. Dont make me go all protective mode Virginia :)


I have the upmost admiration for people like you who can rock out a Halloween costume like that!! Props to you for the expert craftsmanship and timeliness! Everyone's been talking about the baby hands lady from Lawrence Welk. :)


Tiny hands freak me out, I think I might pull away too, just because of the doll factor, nothing personal. :D

Firsty First


You've got your teeny tiny fingers on the pulse, mister. Beyond brilliant.


Oh! That made me laugh so hard! The ones with the little hands reaching for the faces...! You look fantastic. Brilliant idea for costumes.

Gah! I am so nervous about Prop. 8 today. I needed a laugh.


OMG! LOVE LOVE LOVE the baby heads and freakish hairline. When I saw the episode of Saturday Night Live with Lawrence Welk and the Lennon Sisters wannabes, I laughed so hard I cried and almost wet my pants! It was hysterical and brings back memories of a babysitter who I had who made me watch Lawrence Welk. Ugh! Now it would be so campy.....I wonder if there are DVDs of the original show.

Spiderman 3 Costume

That Halloween party must have been a blast!

Wonder what's going on this year...?

Well, Happy Halloween, 2010!


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