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October 13, 2008


Emma G

I always laugh when I hear 'the gay agenda' and think "yeah, those gays are always trying to make us buy volkswagons and go dancing. bastards."


It always makes me grind my teeth whenever my mother (who's been married 5 times) starts ranting about the "Sacredness of Marriage." And how it shouldn't be sullied by "those Gays."

*sigh* Keep fighting the good fight.
Love, Angela

Scandalous Housewife

Buckley is a young, delicious hunk of man meat, and scandalous housewives loves them some of that, too!


This does nothing to help the Vote No on 8 message. Both men in the photo are straight and their position on Prop 8 is unknown. Current polls in CA show that the vote Yes camp is ahead by a lot. They have us outnumbered and outspent by millions. This image does ot help.

Lisa B.

I'm in New York but with you in spirit in California. Everyone across the board deserves the same rights and no one group gets to decide that. Here's wishin' for a better tomorrow for everyone.


"This image does ot (sic) help."

And yet, fundamentally, it's not really different that photoshopping Sarah Palin into a bikini, except significantly less disturbing. And Gilmore has talent. Get over yourself.

Gilmore, we fought long and hard against a "marriage" amendment in VA (did you see the Lewis Black show Red White and Screwed? He had a great routine on this, but I can't find a good clip online...), and we lost. I really, really hope it turns out different this time.


the clip I referenced above starts at about 8:45...


You definitely have my support in voting NO on Prop 8! Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope for final equality for all! :)


keep fighthing... u all california tolerant are gonna make the difference... it starts step by step but suddenly it gets bigger... im from Mexico... we are far away from the same sex mariage ... we have a law (and not in all the country) of a "society" wich includes same rghts to a partner... be a male or female.. and no exactly in a relationship... but it can work... its a little step.. but people are so effing afraid... hope u make history... im with u from Mexico... oh and sorry for my english... :$


This is excellent! Genius !!!!


13 and a half years? Wow. You and your husband have lasted than most married couples. God bless you both. I sincerely hope the laws all over this country changes to allow people to marry who they love.

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I just don't get this photshopped image. How is it supposed to help the figft for marriage equality? As someone above pointed out, both actors are heterosexual and neither have expressed any support for or against prop eight. What's the subtext . . . if you're both "pretty" then people should allow you to marry? I see this image as nothing but libelous. Your efforts are laudable, but in my opinion poorly directed.

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