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September 24, 2008



I watched this show for the first time last week and this little gremlin drove me craazy!

If I had to hear her say one more time, "no!, shut up" and "I'm going to die, like I'm already in my coffin" and "I'm going to cry, like literally, I'm crying"
everytime she put clothes on a model!

Get her your nephew's mannequinn to dress please.


Who's the hottie with the glasses and the bow tie?! It's hard to tell with his face mostly obscured by cell phones or Venti lattes, but he looks kinda cute. Guys with glasses totally turn me on!!


Anyone happen to catch Rachel's Starbuck's Venti order? She asked Brad if he knew what it was in the car on the way to a fashion show, then repeated it to him. He told her he knew it. Curious to know what it is - she has TONS of energy!!!


I cannot watch this show, my head would fall off, however, I always love your take on TV and I have to say the hottie with the bow tie looks like a young Yves St. Laurant (sp).


Here's what she said: double bag, drop of half and half, three Splendas. I am no Starbucks expert but I'm guessing double teabags of the green tea since she is so energetic and so skinny. Does that sound right?


I guess Starbucks is supporting her FUR fetish. Those are real furs, not fakes- unlike Rachel Zoe. I think Rachel Zoe should go visit a mink farm and see how the animals are treated and then watch how they either beat the animals or skin them while they are conscious. Yea, that is pretty, pretty SHALLOW. Get a life and a HUMAN HEART rachel zoe. You are shallow!


I'm pretty sure the "double-bag" refers to how one would need to cover her if one intended to ......her.


The cute guy with the glasses & bowtie is her assistant, Brad. He seems really nice, but is flaming gay (just so you girls commenting on how sexy he is know that). :) He's probably the only person on this show who doesn't make me want to blow my head off.


from the pictures it looks like she is drinking Awake tea, which is our english breakfast style tea.

A Noun

I'm just amazed how much she and her husband look alike.

If they spawn, their children will be chipmunks. That could have a lot of advantages.


ugh. seeing anything from this show just reminds me of that raging bitch Taylor.


honestly i think rachel zoe is VERY good at what she does...she knows her shit.lay off the woman..i think her and her husband have a real relationship(sweet)unlike most people in the industry.i think shes someone women should look up to and stop cutting down.


Thanks for deciphering the order, that does sound right! I just assumed she was drinking coffee to be so energetic. I am going to have to try that tea, I would be happy with half of Rachel's energy!

Did you do all of those screen caps yourself? How industrious! I'm loving the caffeinated Zoe more every week.


BOOO that is real FUR- she is so backward. Someone needs to get this chick up to date with how out torture is- say no to fur.


I am so glad someone else noticed the Starbucks placement... it was driving me nuts. Not that I doubt these people do drink Starbucks on a regular basis, but to walk the extra blocks in New York for it when there is a closer deli that actually has superior coffee (i.e. more fresh, not burnt or stale) it doesn't make sense...


FYI, on her Bravo blog Q&A she said that her fur is all vintage but that she is seriously rethinking wearing fur because of feedback from the show. I think it is cool that she is open to changing her mind that way.


OK...this woman definately has some sort of eating disorder! Sorry...she does! I had one for almost 10 years and am totally healthy now...ahve been for 12 years. I just know the signs and I see it with her...and it's painfully obvious. She is looking to be bulimiarexic...she has the signs...she doesn't eat all day and then binges in private. Her cheeks are so full and chipmunk-ish and trust me...that is what is happening. I feel bad for her..and it's sad that she would not see that it's bad and she is very at risk and needs to get over herself and get some help. jesus. Also, I lived in LA for 4 yrs and GOD I don't miss it in the least. She is a prime example of the worst case of "no soul-ness" I have seen in a long time. She may be "talented", but she won't be around much longer if she keeps up her starbucks and Eating issues..uggh..makes me sick to think about it. Ewe and her assistant Taylor is horrendous! I mean that is just a sick co-dependent working situation if I ever saw one. Fire the whore!


Very helpful many thanks.

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