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September 17, 2008


Greg O

OMG!! lol


What a strange and interesting real life story, I am sure Vicki of RHOOC would approve! It is so cool to get a glimpse of a world so foreign to my own. Will you be watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta? Can you believe they just keep cranking more of these things out?


I'm still laughing - with tears in my eyes!!


OMG LMAO. I love reading your blog. Where are those Martini pics you promised us from your visit to your sister's?

Priscilla Velasquez

Thats funny.


OH MY GOD! Unbelieveable! OUch! Ouch! Ouch! People can be so superficial and self absorbed. Hey I've got allergies, so my eyes turn red and tear up all on thier own. Love your web site, love your stories and LUV your art! By the way I LOVE when you TIVO reality shows and draw people. My favorite was the Brett Michales show. :)




Oh wow that's crazy! I have a cousin who had her eyelids tattooed so its look like she is wearing eyeliner. I remember asking her "What if one day you want to just look natural and fresh and not so dolled up?" and her response was of course "Why would I want to look like that" . Her eyes looked like edie sedgwick 24/7.


Well, at least she has her priorities straight.


@ nicki - "Why would I want to look like that" - priceless!!


i remember seeing an article on permanent make-up a while ago in the paper, and thought "hmm, that could be nice! never have to put on make-up again!"
of course, then I turned the page and moved on.

Holy hell David. I'm 42 and had my lips tattooed and my eyebrows!!! I'm that woman!


I had my eyebrows tatoo'd about 8 years ago into a lovely shade of cocoa brown. I'm blonde so my eyebrows were really light and I was friggen tired of always penciling color into the hairs and then forgetting, and wiping my forehead or eye and off it would go.

I wanted perfect eyebrows while I was getting drunk at the river without carrying eye pencil sticks in my lovely one piece Newport News waste sincher swimsuit. (it didnt work).

You are right. the pain is undescrib! The lips felt like someone was sewing my mouth shut. The lip liner has sense worn off thank God and I'm too scared to redo my brows so I'm now using the old tattoo as color beneath the real eyebrows.

Too much information?



That's the exact reason I don't sleep naked!


Hey David,
Veryyy know what they say truth is stranger than fiction. "Always look ready during acts of nature or G_d! Tattoo your face!!! Be ready anytime anyplace!"
Sorry LOL couldn't help myself. ;-p


I found this story a bit sad, really. I wonder if her eye ever got better.


My ex-boyfriend's parents live in Cote De Caza. BOTH of them have tattooed eye make- up. They both felt it gave them a commanding presense when speaking to other people, like they thought their tattoo lined eyes would mesmerize the unsuspecting public or something. I liked them a lot, but damn, they looked ridiculous.


Man, I don't even wear makeup. I guess I'll never be ready for a disaster. I do, however, have a tattoo elsewhere on the body. I like the flame-type tats people get on the side of their faces, that crawl across towards the forehead--now that's cool!


Its the beauty speaks not the makeup and a smart old women is looking more smarter when she uses make up but sometimes due to makeup we spoil our face.So always be attentive in selecting the beauty products because today many kind of harmful ingredients are available in the beauty products.

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