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September 29, 2008


Adrienne Branham

Your nephew seems like an amazing young man! You should be so very proud of him!!

Your site is amazing! I am truely a fan.



I love hearing about your nephew. I was very sick in 2006 and I know how amazing it is to feel better after being :very sick: and everyone thinking the worst. I can't imagine a child being sick, being in my 30's and being sick sucked bad enough.

He's such a lucky boy to have such an amazing family like your sister, his dad, and of course you, his amazing uncle. :D

I have the best mental image of a very healthy boy doing cartwheels and roundoffs in heels across a suburban bedroom with a supportive (and not icky) relative laughing with him and videotaping him at his request. To say he is a lucky boy is the understatement of the decade.

Thank you for being you! I wish I could hug you.



Your nephew sounds like such a little fighter.
good for him!
i hope he remains healthy,
and bravo to him for finding something that makes him endlessly happy.

Kudos to you and his parents for supporting him...
he is lucky as there is probably not a whole lot of parents and relatives like that.

Keep up the amazing blog,


what a little trooper! I can't even do a cartwheel, nvm in high heels! That's some serious talent!!
I've been battling thyroid cancer this year so I know how it feels being sick and weak. Seeing or hearing about children battling illness always makes me realize how fragile life really is but thankfully he is doing well now, making friends, going to school and loving life!
That's one thing I love about this site, it always cheers me up! Whether is celebrity paradies or news about your nephew and/or martinique, I'm always excited when I see a new post! Thanks for writing, keep up the great work!


Your nephew is awesome, and he always makes Martinique look so fabulous! Thank you so much for sharing his and Martinique's story with us, it's a highlight for me! :)


IM so happy to hear your nephew is healthy again. I agree it's so heart breaking to see a sick child. They're not supposed to be thin with dark circles under their eyes. They are supposed to have rosey cheeks and drive us nuts with their crazy cartwheel energy! Im impressed he can do carwheeles in strappy heels! Maybe someday we will see him in the olympics! I love your website!


He's a fab little guy.
And definitely has "the eye".
I hope to be reviewing his collections one day.
And advanced level after first class? Well done!!
Love this site, it's dead uplifting.
Hugs from England
x x


Thanks for sharing about his illness. Glad to hear he's on the mend (and obviously thriving) Cartwheels in Highheels? Good heavens. BTW looking forward to M's Halloween costume. I'm sure it will be 3F (Fierce, Fab, Fantastic)

Bor Queen

I stumbled on the Martinique and ur nephew and it brought tears to my eyes. Bless you, ur sis and her husband, for letting ur nephew be himself. You have a new fan in me for sure.


Oy. Your post made me misty eyed. I am so thankful that your nephew survived and is thriving. His story, along with Martinique has brought me a lot of joy. I work at a computer and look at the news all day long and frankly, the world can be overwhelming. Sometimes its things like your nephew and his mannequin (not to mention his wonderful parents) that remind me of what is important, what matters and I dont' feel so overwhelmed by negative things. There are still beautiful things in this world. So thank you for your wonderful, uplifting posts!


This is one of my favorite features. I was gonna rant about how adorable he is, how his creativity is so amazing, and how wonderful it is that he's in a home where he can be as creative and adorable as possible, but I think I just did.

Seriously, I love this kid. I went through some old clothes not long ago and thought to myself, "Martinique would look awesome in this". Keep us posted!


It's good to hear about his health. Your blog is inspiring for many reasons, eh. Keep us updated.


I love this post. It makes me so happy I cried. Somehow your whole family supports this little boy just as he is and I LOVE that. Its not often that happens. I find my self sticking up for little boys like your nephew too too often. I would like to thank you, your sister and her husband for letting this young man thrive and just be himself. Thank you for sharing the story of his illness with us. It makes us appreciate it that much more. I'm addicted to the site and the stories about your nephew are my fave. Keep us posted!!!!!!!!


Hey, I just had an idea! What about a Martinique clothes drive? I have a closet full of old "free drink" dresses that I no longer a) fit in, b) no longer need now that I'm married.

These clothes are designer and yes they are a bit slutty and I will never wear them again since moving to Wisconsin, and I'd love to send them to a girl who could use them (Martinique).

Interested? They are clean! :D LOL


I love that your sis and bro-in-law are not only open to their son's fabulosity, but are also not raising him to be a "sick-kid" by over protecting him and keeping him away from "dangerous" stuff like sports. They sound like wonderful parents who should write a book on child-rearing to educate people.


Hmmmm... and some MAC Lip Glass and Starbucks wouldn't hurt.

That's just a suggestion. I mean, I'd still hit it;)


Every child should be so lucky to have parents who love and support him like your sister and brother-in-law love and support your nephew. Too many children have their dreams and talents suppressed by adults who may mean well, but ultimately do more harm than good when they teach a child not to express an aspect of himself that they think society would deem unacceptable. I feel like there's been a kind of enlightenment in this respect over the last few decades, whereby parents have come to be more open-minded about girls taking part in traditionally masculine activities like sports; the enlightenment whereby they would become accepting of boys' interest in traditionally feminine activities is, sadly, relatively unrealized.

I love reading your posts on your nephew because they are full of happiness and hope that we might someday have a future in which all people are able to embrace their own and others' true selves.


Martinique is lovely, but I want your nephew to come and dress me! What an eye he has!



sue from colorado

I love Martinique! I love your nephew! and OMG I HAVE THAT BAG!!!

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