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September 05, 2008



Yumi is going to be so jealous when she sees this! I can already hear it now, "I wish David was my uncle!"




A beautiful job David!...hugs for you and your lucky nephew that now have a great mural in his bedroom!!!...i love it!...


That is AWESOME. You're so great!


Fantastic! You did an amazing job! You nephew is so lucky to have a talented and caring uncle such as yourself.

Viva La Martinique!


Your nephew changed his mind about the yellow kimono?


Another heart-warming masterpiece - congrats!!



Words cannot describe your talent! I would love to have even 1 oz. of the talent you have. I just cannot believe the amazing work you do ~ especially considering the short time frame. (like 15/20 minutes for your fabulous reality show caricatures). I cannot believe you did this mural in a few short days. You are a rare talent with a great eye!

Please continue to post and share your work with the world. We are much better having experienced your work!



The little panda guarding the precious Martinique is even cuter than his bigger brother! :)


that is so coool!
sure beats the junky stuff i have on my bedroom walls from Ikea! lol


Amazing work! I love the mural! Your nephew is very lucky: he not only has very supportive parents, but also a talented and supportive uncle! I can't wait to see what you two have come up with for Martinique... she's a superstar :-)


Simply beautiful...and Martinique looks very impressed with your efforts :D

Madame Meow

You are such a good uncle! What a great mural. I think I like the sentinel panda the best, though.


I'd like to send a giant THANK YOU to all those who have commented on my Martinique/ 9 year old nephew postings. These are definitely what I'm feeling most connected to and your feedback is terrific.

To Jenny: You are the best. One day perhaps I'll paint something for Yumi.

To Midevil: Thanks and thanks for all your comments.

To Art: Glad we've become email buddies and I absolutely appreciate your kind remarks.

To Leslie: Thank you. I'm so proud to be his uncle.

To Kate: I agree... Viva La Martinique! Thanks!

To Maria: Great memory! Yes, my nephew did change his mind about the yellow kimono. When I got there we had a "client" meeting in which I told him that if there was anything he wanted to change to let me know. My nephew actually has a kimono which he slipped on for our meeting. Seriously. He has a few Manga/ Anime books and her outfit ended up being a combination of several different photos from those books. As I told him, my job was to deliver whatever he wanted and he wanted to change a few things about my initial proposed sketch.

To Amanda: Ahhhhh.... thank you! If you spent five minutes around my nephew, your heart would be warmed for the entire winter.

To Michelle: I'm humbled and blown away by your message. Thank you so much.

To Mel: I agree. It's funny, that little panda took no time to do. Maybe about an hour and a half and it has more of an impact especially as it's guarding the princess.

To Frances. First, I like that you called me mate. I wish everyone would. And I also wish Ikea would ask me to design some mural appliques. Hmmm.... maybe I'll give Ikea a jingle today?

To Anna: Thanks and I agree that Martinique is a superstar!

To Pacifican: Martinique is awfully reserved but I hope she appreciated my efforts. :)

To Madame Meow: The sentinel panda is my favorite part too. Thanks for your comment.

Again, thanks to all of you for your remarks. More from my future Project Runway winning nephew and his muse Martinique coming shortly.



Just wanted to say that Martinique makes my liife. Her whole story is amazing, with your nephew being so into dressing her up and your family being supportive of it. It's really great to read about. Love the mural, especially the girl's hair. So cute.

Greg O

Beautiful! You are so talented!

Ginger Ball

Love it. Once again you kick ass.
Great job!!! Your nephew must love it!


This is more than adorable. What a wonderful uncle!


Wow! Looks great, and I'm ashamed to say your nephew looks to be a good foot taller than me.


Amazing! I'm stunned at how amazing this looks. You need to post more of this kind of stuff! Nothing but amazing!


That is just fabulous. YOU are fabulous. And so is your nephew and Martinique. I check your site continuously waiting for more info on her. I'm obsessed! Give me more!

chelle g

Kudos!! I can't even draw that on paper lol. Your such a good artist


love the mural! the little panda is so cute


Oh my goodness, that's SO cute! I have to admit, I'm pretty jealous of your nephew. My favorite part was the little panda that protects Martinique. I wish I had something as cute as that in my room when I was growing up. I wish I had an uncle as awesome as you! lol

Borg Queen

I want that mural in my room too. You did an amazing job. The mural alone will stimulate you rnephew senses. Great job uncle.


My God I have to get a kid like that. Where can I get one? If I had a kid like that I would never be depressed and I would be entertained night and day. FAB!!!!!

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