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September 14, 2008



Hey hey! Martinique has brought the pink wig back! It's been shamed since the Madonna Pink Wig Incident (, and Martini brought it!
I am off to Halloween USA for mine today! Think they'll have one for my Pomeranian? We could be the Fashion Police Bitch Patrol.


i could cry, she Is So Beautiful, dignified, proud. I am so very happy to hear what great parents they are.


On a glamour scale of 1 to 10 this rates an 11. Looking forward to seeing your nephew's creation for Halloween.


Martinique looks stunning! I LOVE the Halloween costume idea and may have to steal it for myself:-) I promise to give your nephew and Martinique all the credit! These postings are the best!!!!


this is so awesome to see! i absolutely love it. martinique is by far my favorite subject on your blog! i love seeing what your nephew and sister have done with her. wonderful!

Suicide Blond



I must say too how great is is to hear about the supportive and loving environment your nephew has grown up in. It is a shame that more parents cannot be as great as your sister is being now. I can't wait to hear about your nephew being a famous designer or something when he grows up!


Bravo! Martinique looks amazing. I send many kudos to your sister and brother in law for being such good parents. I love reading your blogs everyday.
I just can't help but wonder what Drunken Las Vegas would look like in a pink wig!!!


As Snarf noted, I can't wait to see her in her Halloween outift!


I have to agree with everyone else I LOVE that your sister and brother in law are so supportive of your nephew. I live in Kentucky and my sister and brother in law live in the sticks. The things I have to do to induldge my nephews! The 12 year old wants to grow his hair long and wear jewelry. I managed to score him some jewelry by buying him necklaces on leather chains with crosses on them. The long hair I could not convince them to let him grow. I did manage to make a compromise for him. Instead of long hair I talked them into letting him color his hair with blonde streaks just for the summer. They relented and he was happy. I think they should be allowed to be children and that includes experimenting with something as harmless as jewelry and clothes. Im gonna show him your nephews mural and Martinique.


Your site doesn't use avatars or you would know....I have pink hair.
I HATED when Lilly Allen tried it.
I was sad when Brit Brit tarnished it.
But I am THRILLED that Martini (LOVE that)
Rocks it so well.
Everyone says how great it is that your sister and Bro-in-law are so supportive of your wonderful nephew, and it is. But I think they realize how lucky THEY are to have such a great and talented child. (And family)
PS-in the last colorshopped pic of Martini she looks very much alive.


Keep the Martinique posts coming - it’s fun to hear about her, your nephew and his parents (the love you guys have for each other really comes through and its pretty cool)! Your nephew sounds like such a character - I love reading about him ... its priceless! It looks like you’re going to have some creative competition in the family with him in the future – I agree with the previous poster, his stuff is fierce, LOL! :D


Your nephew clearly has a gift and I think it's lovely that his family nuture and support it even though it isn't a typical "boy" thing- which can sometimes be so important to the child in question's relatives.
I think it's fabulous.
Martinique looks well fit by the way.
Hugs from England
x x


I think Martinique is the most beautiful mannequin I have ever seen. She looks like someone you'd want to hang out with. Lucky nephew indeed! He need only open his magic closet...and behold that Martini glory! I love the Warholian image you did. It looks fantastic!! Does your nephew know what a superstar he and Martinique have become on your site?


Victoria! I feel your pain. My mother's a stand up redneck and she cut my son's beautiful one length hair into a horrifying mullet. We had to shave it, it was so disgusting. When he used to go to her place (he refuses now that he's old enough), she would not allow him to wear hair elastics that were any colour other than black or navy blue, because the other colours weren't manly enough.


Damn, I wish your nephew could come style me. Martini(que) is looking great! :D


I always read your blog, but this is my first time commenting. I love Martinique, she is wonderful, and her stories bring me back at least every two weeks or so in hopes of a new one. Your nephew is absolutely brilliant for some of the stuff he's been able to pull with secondhand stuff, and your sister and brother-in-law are to be totally commended for their honest, open love for their son. It really does bring a tear to my eye. Best wishes to their family, and of course, to Martinique!

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