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September 16, 2008



Man, if she could just put the crotch away for 30 seconds...

The truth

Doesn't this thing know she could help get this message across, without dancing around like a wh#re in a dominatrix outfit? For crying out loud Madonna!... try to show SOME signs of growing old gracefully. Stop with your attention wh#re approach to such a serious issue. SO TRANSPARENT!


She needs to put some clothes on and write a better song. She has been phoning it in for too long. However she gets points for supporting Obama. I wonder if she will actually vote?


Interesting & thought provoking and always entertaining. Asking Madonna not to seek attention is like asking a fish not to breathe underwater. Impossible and so not going to happen.


All of your comments are spot on! I'm a Madonna fan. I am. That said, I do think at a certain point she needs to stop with all the leg spreading business. I think the bigger message she's trying to send here rather than a political one is that she's still hot and relevant. Heavy handed doesn't begin to touch this. That said, I still do like her.


Look at Madonna's vadge! C'mon! Look! It can save the world! You know it can, if you just look at it! (What, that's not the message she was trying to get across?)

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