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July 30, 2008


Chris M

Thanks -- this story really made me smile. :) It's nice to hear they're so open-minded and comfortable letting him explore his interests.




Awesome and heart-warming. Props to you and your family for letting him do his own "thing". The kids' got an eye for fashion - no doubt about it.


Thanks Chris and Snarf! My nephew's interest in makeovers, fashion, wigs, makeup, and glamour warms my heart. It's really interesting watching him develop in an environment that doesn't discourage or shame his behavior or interests. I wish I had been brought up that way.


Please, please, please keep posting about your nephew and Martinique! He's got talent! I love reading about them so much! I think the most wonderful part of this story is that you sister and her husband are raising him to be himself, express himself and embrace who he is with unconditional love. There is no greater gift a parent can give a child.

p.s. I too had a mannequin (Beverly) at one point in my life. There was a brief time when my father took more interest in her than I did. Hmmm...


David, first of all, welcome back from vacation! It looks like you had a wonderful time -- the photos were beautiful.
I am so delighted by this posting. I can't believe your nephew is only nine years old! I had to scroll back up the page to make sure I had read that correctly after I had looked at the "British supermodel". I loved the hair and thought it really complimented the layered outfit. Wow, he is really going to be rocking this world.
I wonder if your sister ever has a flashback of her childhood through her son?
I think the support and love your family provide is what every child is looking for in their home.
P.S. I recently started blogging; I just featured your Kim Vo sketch in my blog but it not like I have any readers yet:-)I am completely hooked on "Shear Genius" now.
I am so glad you are back!!!


Kudos to his parents for letting him be himself and do what he loves!! He's going to grow up more confident and motivated to succeed because of it :-D

Can't wait to see more Martinique!!!


I also applaud your sister and husband! I know many men would freak out at the fact that their son rather play with a mannequin than with a football. We need more parents out there like your brother-in-law!!

Suicide Blond

Kudos to your sister and her husband for being so supportive of your little nephew! Its nice to know that some couples out there with children do not have to engage in the standard "Play with GI Joes if you're a boy and play with Barbie's if you're a girl!"

Martinique looks fantastic! It makes me wish I had a mannequin... I can't wait to see more photos of her!


I would have LOVED to have a mannequin as a kid. I STILL would, I think. :) I agree that your sister and her husband are awesome, and are doing the absolute best by your nephew, being so encouraging and supportive. FAN-TAS-TIC.

I have a friend who has a 9 year old son, who occasionally likes to dress up in his princess dresses and be pretty. My friend and his wife are so cool and supportive of it; it's great to see!


aww, i want a mannequin in my room! i can't believe what an eye for fashion your nephew has. it took me at least 5 years of embarrassing experimentation to finally get it right. please keep posting pics of Martinique!


p.s. i also have american girl dolls...why isn't this kid *my* nephew, lol.


I so loved this story. It parallels another young boy's story that I know and the mannequin his brother picked up and his mom and sister bought clothing for. I would love to continue to hear these stories.
You know who I am...coto's messymommy!
Love you!


that is so cute! what a great kid! he sounds wonderful (reading the earlier post). how great to be so creative, he's got some real talent!


I see Project Runway in his future.


You entertain me to no end. I love your art, your dog and Martinique. I just laughed until I cried. Keep the great stuff coming!!!!!


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