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July 28, 2008



Thank you for sharing your trip with us! I just adore you and am glad you had a wonderful time. :)

Welcome back! I had no idea your bf was so hot. Lucky you!


missed ya Gilmore! you look great *your neck and shoulders anyway* and your man is ridiculously good looking *chest and abs anyway*.


wow, how incredible. thank you so much for sharing your trip. that resort looks spectacular... and yes, the water DOES look lit from underneath!

man I would kill to know what that package was you bought... care to share?

take care, and welcome home!


Farah. Thank you, thank you. You're too nice.

Doodlewhore. That's my bf on the left and yes, he is pretty damn hot. And fortunately, a great guy. After 13 years I still love him and am totally turned on by his fine ass. :) By the way, your Christopher Ciccone illustration is pure genius.

Exhausted: Thanks. I have a nose the size of an American Bald Eagle's, but in the gay community a big nose is usually a good sign. :)

Kim: We stayed at the Royal in Playa Del Carmen. I feel funny mentioning how much we spent as it was a little too much but totally worth it. We booked it through expedia and got a pretty good deal. Go if you can.

Thanks everyone for your nice emails while I was away!


Gilmore, you and your friends are gorge. What I could see, anyway. ;0) My hubby and I are dying for a vacation; we haven't had a proper one (without our 2 small children) since our honeymoon in Ireland 8 years ago... he's loathe to consider an all-inclusive resort, but I'd kind of like to not have to worry about anything! I've also researched cruises. Ever been on one of those?


Looks like you had a great time but sunblock apart, how did you stay so white?! Even with sunblock I come back black. I'm sure this did your soul a whole lotta good!

Mrs. Riley

I'm glad you had a great time!!! My hubby and I are off to cancun in October!!! I have been a faithful reader this whole two weeks!!! I have checked the site everyday!!! But I dont blame you!!!

Happy to see you are back!!!



Those pictures were beautiful and worth seeing. So glad you and your honey had a blast in Mexico.

Also, the butterfly story touched me dearly. I have a similar story involving my own hunny saving a butterfly from getting trampled on a NYC street. I'll never forget his face when he showed it to me. It's amazing how in touch with life and emotion we all get when we see even the littlest creature suffering.

Hope to see more pictures of your vacation! I'm sure you have tons :)


What a great vacation!! Love the beautiful photos, that blue-green water is amazing. Check out my site for pix of my trip to San Francisco...its not Mexico but its pretty awesome.

Hope all is well! And I hope to see you soon.



Mama Sarah: Hope you got my email. I've never done a cruise but would definitely consider it. The problem with cruises though is that alcohol isn't included and for me, that could get spendy. Hope whatever you and your hubbie do that you'll have a wonderful connecting adventure.

Poor Britney: My soul did get a renewal from being away. Thanks. My skin simply refuses to tan. I was out swimming, bicycling, snorkeling, and walking around for hours and came back nearly as pale as when I left. I may be part albino.

Mrs Riley: Thank you and everyone so much for continuing to visit my site. I truly appreciate it and sorry I disappeared for so long. I hope you and your hubbie have a great time in Cancun. If you can, sneak away to Playa Del Carmen which is about 45 minutes and also be sure to visit Tulum which is another 45 minutes south. Or just stay in Cancun and enjoy yourself. The ocean is ridiculously gorgeous there.

Ari: Your honey must be a sweet heart. I get totally misty eyed over butterflies, dragon flies, and humming birds. A beautiful bird flew into our living room window about a month ago and died. It broke its beak and I cried a little bit. I know I'm a little too emotional, but I can't help myself. Give your honey an extra big squeeze for me.

Cindy: I will definitely check out your site in the morning! Hope you had a great time in beautiful San Francisco. Why do vacations have to end?

Thanks all of you for your comments. I feel very welcomed back.



Hey there I love your site but have never commented... i was in Mexico City recently, and I'm sorry you didn't get to take pictures of the Diego murals!! I sneaked a few, and at the Frida museum you can take pictures outside in the little eating area (was there a mangy black and white cat there too?)
I'm jealous you got to go to the beach!! I was on the other side, in Ixtapa.
And to Mama Sarah, I recommend All-Inclusive, in Mexico anyway, because otherwise you have to pay to get chairs and umbrellas just to sit on the beach, and then there's the uncertainty of a crappy hotel (like the one I stayed in)


I recently took a little vacation to Michigan. While on the beach, I saw a Monarch, which was odd, so I slowly stalked it to get pictures. Every time it would fly a little, I would run after it screaming, "LAND ON ME!!!!!" So don't feel bad about a connection to butterflies haha.

ALSO, I, too, am extremely pale. If I could actually go somewhere and come back the same shade of white, that would be a miracle. See, somehow, no matter how much sunscreen I apply, I always return a nice shade of tomato. This year, my boobs got it the worst. Eek. Be glad you don't have that problem. :) Glad your trip was wonderful! And glad you're back! :)


Welcome back! I'm glad you got to Frida's house. :) I saw an exhibition of her work at the Philadelphia Museum in May and was really blown away by the detail that one doesn't get to see in photographs.

BTW, nice Adam's apple ;)


Ding dang dude! What Greek sanctuary did you dig your honey with the god-like torso out of! Wow!

I'm like you. Whiter than white and I turn pink within 10 minutes of full sun exposure. It's neither pretty not pleasant. In junior high (in California) the guys used to call me the "Albino". So hurtful to a young girl that just wanted to fit in and be found attractive. *sigh* Fitting in is overrated.

I LOVED the Mexico pictures. Beautiful. Though I must admit, the mosaic that's just off the Reforma...I kept looking at trying to figure out what position the Thanksgiving turkey was in. You must admit, those arms look a bit like uncooked turkey wings. OK. Maybe I'm just a dumb (albino white) blonde! ;)


Just started visiting your site a couple of weeks ago. Me likey. Thanks for sharing.
Almost got misty when I read your story about the butterfly.

An artist with the heart of a poet. Your honey is a lucky man.


My skin won't tan, either, don't worry about it. Some of us are just meant to have that which used to be admiringly called an alabaster complexion. ;)

You also have a lovely long neck! Very nice. :)

And yeah, I agree with everyone who commented on how extremely hot your man is. Yum. ;)


I read your blog everyday - but reading about how you responded to the hurt butterfly really touched me.

Continue the great work (especially your creative artwork). And I hope you really make it big one day :)


Welcome back! Such beauty in your pics! Oh, I want a pool like that!


...and I just read your bit about the butterfly. After it rains here, there's one particular sidewalk near our city market where snails like to hang out--so someitmes we go there and rescue the ones that haven't been crushed underfoot.


I'm so freakin jealous! Not just of your vacation, but your man.

Beautiful photos. Be well:)


Wow, those are some amazing photos (I'm not just saying that) What a hottie your boyfriend is!
such a sweet story about the butterfly too..
Glad you had a good time, take care!


Gilmore, you sent me email? How cool! Would have been even cooler if I'd gotten it. :( I do often empty my junk box without checking it first. I'm sorry.

Can you send it again, please? Thanks!



Thanks for sharing your pics with us. I haven't been to Mexico in years and those pics really brought back great memories!!! I'll be visiting Cozumel for a day when I take my cruise in November but it just isn't the same. The next time you go, let me know...I want to hang out with you and yours...I'd be your hag any day!!!



You made me very jealous with your pics. I haven't been to Mexico for years and now I'm flooded with memories!!! I'll be visiting Cozumel in November but only for a day because I'll be on a cruise. The next time you and yours go, I want to tag along...PLEASE let me be your hag!!! I know it won't do any good, but you and your man are hot tamales for sure!!!


Oh that story of the butterfly made me cry. You are so sweet, Gilmore!


Oh that story of the butterfly made me cry. You are so sweet, Gilmore!


Happy to see you liked our MExico! gretins from another mexican fan of yours! :D

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