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June 01, 2008


Bonni Elizabeth Hall

Ahhh, Hugh Jackman. He can be my daddy any day....

He's a pretty brave soul, though, swimming at this time of year. It's late autumn here in Australia (the equivalent of November in the Northern Hemisphere), and yet there's Hugh, splashing around in the surf at Bondi Beach.

Not that I'm complaining, mind you... ;)




You've gotten frighteningly good with photoshop!! I mean it, I'm frightened.


Wow, great photoshop job!



Trey Cruz

LMAO! Oh God David... you crack me up.


Wow, whoever did these Photoshops is really good! I had to click on the link and see the actual photos just to see the originals. I wonder if someone might be hearing from Hugh's lawyers on these, they're so good.

Just saying...

Becca Baby

if you hadn't noted it - I wouldn't have known these were photoshopped!

PhotoShop is some new fangled Devilry I can't cope with........


HOT!very sexy!
Exellent job!


This is good. Very good.

Aman Chaudhary

You are so freaking awesome! This is just one of the best things I've ever seen on any blog.

Man... it's midnight, and all of a sudden I'm inspired to go train right now!


NO! NO! NO !

THAT CAN'T BE.........




Taylor Blue

I saw those pics and I was like OMFG I haven't seen those! Then I realized you made them up...what a good job! I took a second glance there! :)


your photoshopping just took these pictures to places my mind had already gone. I used to have such a huge crush on Hugh (saw "The Boy from Oz" 2x!) before I got my gaydar fixed.


Did anyone notice the thumb is on the wrong side for a left hand palm forward in the holding hands photo. The photo has been photoshoped.


I don't know about the thumb being on the wrong side, but in both pictures of them holding hands, the hands that are holding are the EXACT same, just one is a little bit bigger.


Hello! Hello! Are you people reading what I wrote? Yes, those images are photoshopped. There are no thumbs on the wrong side either. The one Frank is referring to, Hugh's arm is in front of the "trainers". Yes, I used the same holding hands for both images. As I said, it's photoshop and my wishful thinking.

Thanks to everyone who looks and comments.

The blog author and artist.

Devil Woman 24

WoW dind't imagine that those photos where made by photoshop. I was thinking that were real.


NICE COUPLE..............


Unfortunately these are all over the net, idiots ran with them and claim they're real. Highly irresponsible of you!


H.Jackman não é gay, isso é um Photoshop muito antigo. O treinador Mike Ryan é casado e tem filhos, ele e Jackman são como irmãos. O ator foi seu padrinho de casamento. O mal, como sempre, está nos olhos do observador. Cuidado antes de fazer julgamentos.


Mike Ryan is one of H.Jackman friend, in the meaning of heterosexual term. Hugh was the best man at his wedding, they are like brothers. As always, evil is in the eye of the beholder, the one that presumes to know things that he doesn't know and if you see something dirty in just a straight friendship, you’re probably a very lonely (and homophobic) person in your life. Good old days when you were talking about cinema and the matter did not amount to how actors use their dicks

Your blogger who isn't lonely or homophobic

Hi Marin.
This posting, as stated, is fiction. Let me repeat that, it's fiction. I also said it was wishful thinking. Hugh is a straight man and lots of gay men have fantasies about him and there's nothing wrong with that. This is a silly, cotton-candy piece of fluffy blogging. It's meant to be funny and it's clearly intended to be a joke. It's painfully obvious both in the images and in what I wrote that this isn't real. One more time for you Marin, it's fiction. A fantasy. And again there's nothing wrong with gay men having thoughts and desires directed at Hugh. It's normal and natural. He's hot. And as he's straight we'll never, ever see images like this. The humor in this comes from the fact that he's a straight man. This was linked and shared on countless blogs and clearly was viewed in its intended manner, again as fiction. I'm neither lonely nor homophobic but thanks so much for your assumption Marin.


G-Double Damn!!!! Wow.

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