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May 14, 2008



Even if she REALLY looked like that, I'd still love her! Those pics are ridiculous!


LOVE LOVE LOVE the snark. I needed a laugh like that after the loooooooooong day I had. This new addition is probably my favorite right after the "indulge me" stuff! Keep it coming!


Hey Meeshhead,
I agree, my pics are ridiculous. That's the point. It's meant as a spoof. :)

Hey Dani,
Thanks! These kinds of postings along with The Please Indulge are definitely my favorite. I appreciate the encouragement.



ahh..nothing like a good scroll-down to see an exposed ass. i wasn't expecting it and them BAM! Ass! good stuff!
looking forward to seeing more endora as well. i had superhero alter egos with a friend of mine too a long time ago. of course, we weren't really that funny. i hadn't thought of that in a long time. :)


LMAO... oh, God... why is everyone in my office looking at me like I'm psycho? Oh, I know why, cause they haven't seen this hilarious post.

I look forward to some more Endora in hopefully the near future.

She's kind of like the Loquecia of POTO..If you've ever heard 106.7 KROQ in Los Angeles.


From one photoshop whore to another, I love the ass you sell!

Miss Mezza

Thankyou darlink for the Endora (TomKat pic just too funny!!). You just knows how much i lurves the PRETTY AT A DISTANCE GALS, coz i've already told you. It's been so long that i've forgotten the other's names.... Bobbi was another, yes? More, please, more, more, more. I tried to get hold of PAAD recently but i don't think that is up anymore? Please bring it back. Love your work, Gilmore, even when i don't comment, cat wedding and two-tone gym dude, i see it all! Thanks for the larffs coz GOK often i really, really need them!!
Love and best as ever -- Miss Mezza from South Australia XXX


when i first saw the mischa pic i didn't see anything wrong w/ it ;)..... love it.....hahahhaha


Aww man that that shit is FUNNY!!!


Ahhh! I'm blind! These celebrities are in serious need of Zantrex!!!!


I would love to see the same picture on rachel bilson, since she likes the publicity so much.

Nouf Al.

OMG!! that's totally funny!!
u know who u should put?!!
LINDSAY LOHAN!! aaaaaaaaa
i would lmao!!!! ALL DAY!!!


WOW !! Thats hilarious !!


Need to put this tight cellulite on Mischa Barton. Oh wait, that's already happened!

But this photo is really too much! I mean, 4 asses in a single photo?

Stephanie Wilson

Very nice post. HAHAHA!!!.

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