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April 16, 2008



These sketches turned out so great; it is hard to pick a favorite. Ramona's ridiculous expression is perfection! I kept watching this show hoping it would get better but it never did. These people were more unlikable then I even imagined they were going to be. They never tried to be real except for Bethenny who didn't care if she spoke her mind. How many times last night did someone say, "I'm not the type of person that holds a grudge"? How many of them actually meant it?
I think it is hilarious that Ramona is completely outwardly obnoxious but her daughter seems really nice and that the McCords seem outwardly professional and their kids are total brats.


I actually enjoyed the show. You are right that there was a certain lack of "Vicki-ness" to it, but Ramona does make for a good runner-up (especially when Bethenny was in the room and rolling her eyes at her spastic antics).

It was over too soon, I think. If I recall correctly, some knew each other. But, they didn't all meet until toward the end of the season. If there is a second season, maybe there will be more.

Either way, I'd hang with these girls.


did you see alex took nude pictures a few weeks after having her first child? i only know this because she sold them or gave them to one of those celebrity magazines that came out last week(sorry i can't remember which one!)

love the blog as always, the cat wedding pictures earlier were all too precious.


You are so incredibly talented; each one is better than the next. Can't pick a favorite! May I plead with you to just do one more? I scrolled down in great anticipation of seeing Simon (the best for last) and was so sad my favorite "wife" was missing. Please draw Simon's interesting face for your many fans.


Ramona's sketch is to die for fabulous! (as are the rest) Though I'm very sad you decided to skip drawing Jill in her suede giddy up outfit.
It's interesting that you dug the OC gang. Though I watched, I loved the NYC women waay more (more fights, more bitchiness, more self-inflicted drama). BUT, I'm most excited about the Real Housewives of New Jersey which is next on the roster!


I think I enjoyed the NYC sketches EVEN MORE than the OC women. Because only you can capture the oddities of these women (both inside and out). Love it love it.


will you PLEASE do one of Jill (the redhead)??
Hugs! the rest are amazing!


Thanks for the great sketches! I was waiting to see how you'd do them and you captured them all well (esp. Alex and Ramona).


wow-these are spot on! I have only watched one of each of the housewives programs to appreciate you drawings even more...maybe next time I should try some booze as you you to tolerate more episodes :)
Love it!!!!!


DG, I think you like the OC Housewives more because it takes more WINE consumption to draw them!!!

LOVE, love, LOVE you and I look forward to sharing some top level snark with you come OC time!


Awesome work, as usual. What a rotten bunch of hags they are! I'm disgusted with myself for watching this dreck. I can't believe they had the audacity to refer to themselves as "socialites". Socialites do not live in Brooklyn. I just read that Bravo is coming out with yet another spinoff called The Real Housewives of New Jersey! I'm cereal. That's going to be the one to watch next season. Big hair, nails galore, sequins, etc...


luann is married to a Italian aristocrat


the NYC housewives lost my interest after a whole episode revolved around their stupid tennis game. I hear Bravo is working on "Real Houswives New Jersey", though, which I hope is nice and trashalicious.


Love, love, love the drawings. They rival the OC. Especially Alex and Ramona. Love the expressions. I wish you watched this show! I thought it was better than the RHOC. Give it another chance. You know it will be rerunned to death. I mean, did you see Ramona dance??


They also were the worst dressed New Yorkers I have ever seen !!


This show was as exciting as a dirty sock pile. I have been in the midst of moving and learned here it was over already. RHONJ I read here? How can that be any different than the old Growing Up Gotti?


Stumbled upon Ramonas crazy eyes and her strange little girl posing for her Husbands Christian jewelry Website---HILARIOUS!

Oh and Amazing drawings as always, your sketches are so dead on its unreal.


I have never witnessed such classless women...they need to get over themselves.
Do they not realize they are being watched by millions of people?
The arrogance of their self worth is amazing.
One lets a dog lick her nose, one has kids that scream out of control, with a clutching husband, one entraps her boyfriend on national TV for a commitment, and the other one is arrogant and actually thinks she is royalty...this show is absolutely bizarre...I would not want to be in their circle, unbelievably phony as hell.
By the way, those are amazing images of those odd on!


You are an amazing artist! I've never seen such fun, fabulous caricatures that are artistically AND tastefully done. I agree - a Jill drawing would complete the collection.


THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! each one of these is hilarious and accurate!! I love ramona's putty-face expression and Bethenny's big as hell square jaw!!


Perfect Alex except her hair is way oto straight. Where's the bedhead?!

Brooklyn used to be more 'burby but it really can't be called "the suburbs", at least not the area on the show / nearby's truly urban. And Sometimes URBAN, as in, if there are pizza guys who come in a car, they come in a car because it is safer...

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