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March 20, 2008



I have seen a combo like this before, so drunk guy come into our hotel room one time when a couple friends and i were in Cincinnati, but it was the opposite, he was as black as night with a penis as white(or pink/flesh) as a white boy lol!!!


Haven't you seen the pictures of Kristin Davis' vag? It looks kinda black.

Some people are just like that...I wonder why that is? I will admit to it being fascinating.


Hi Friend! Your post was hillarious - why are people at the gym trippier than any other group of people? People at the library are not that trippy! Or is it just that we're forced to go to the gym, to do something we hate, and we get so damn bored on the eliptical machine, that they seem weirder?? I dunno. This afternoon, I'm skipping the strangeness, and am gonna hook up with Gilad from Fit TV for a workout from Hawaii that I can do at home. Have you ever seen that guy? He wears like Jane Fonda style leotards and tights. He has not progressed to some more updated workout attire. He works out on a cliff in Hawaii. Blech, I'd rather sit on my rear and watch my DVR'd Sell This House, but we all need to gear up to hit the PEEPS this weekend, LOL. Thanks for the laugh! Jen from the OC


So I asked my boyfriend and he said that the man was probably on a penis enhancement drug. It puts so much blood in your penis that it can turn it almost black and blue. So maybe that was it? It wouldn't be a crazy guess, being the man is middle aged and might want to enhance the spice in his love life? He probably takes viagra too. Hmm..I don't know tho. That picture made me seriously laugh.


Umm..tanning lotion? Seriously thats pretty funny. Next time ask him! HA

Hope all is well with you-

Hey it's Fisher Stevens!


So here is my theory on Man at Gym. Blue balls is a condition caused by arousal yet no follow through, so is it possible that over long period of neglect to those muscles that a colour change is possible? Hmmm going by the picture it does not appear that Man at Gym is uber attractive so thos is my best guess


maybe it was a transplant!


did you tivo him.... hahahjahaj... love it!!


Oh mr.Gilmore your observations are so unique!

I think that latin and olive skin men tend to be Darker in that respect. The only greek I've met (very sweet guy)was a dissapointing small and very pink.
Jewish so far have been surprisingly more than adequate.(oxymoron)
There was one series you did of people you've seen late at night or in bars? Enjoyed it.
Take care and HAPPY SPRING!


I've seen many of those and I don't think it has to do with ethnicity!


Posted by CV
People at the library are not that trippy!

They are, you just have to observe, believe me! Ok, ok, you won´t see many guys taking a book about dutch painters of the 17th century or string theory off the shelves whith their birthday suit on display, but at times, there are pretty fascinating characters that you can spot in their natural habitat.

On the guy above, yes, some people seem to have erm...gentials that are more pigmented than the rest of their bodies...but I have no explanation for it either. Anyways, I had a big laugh and I' am looking forward to the next episode. Dear Gilmore, I absolutely support your resolution to go to the gym more often!



He must be Cuban. I'm generalizing, but Cuban's are known for all having black genitals... Some try to pretend that they are white, but there is no hiding a mixed background when it comes to down there.

If he's not Cuban, some black great grandparent of his probaly was "passed" as white back in the day...

I live in Miami

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Peter N.

Mixed colors? Weird.

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Dude that post is freaking funny as hell. I'm with you. My friends and I talk all the time about the weirdos at the gym.

For some reason the gym of all places attracts the crazies of the world. Makes for good blog posts though doesn't it? :)

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hey, its called hyperpigmentation. often olive skin coloured people with parents of mixed race (white and black) have dark genitals.

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