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March 03, 2008


Bonni Elizabeth Hall

That was an excellent read. Consider yourself indulged. ;)

My husband and his brothers had a trio of gorillas, in the traditional "Papa, Mama, and Baby" sizes, with Papa being about the size of a quite broad four year old child and the baby being... well, pretty much baby-sized.

Anyway, those three gorillas got up to all manner of mischief. They worked on computers, they gardened, they cooked, they slept in all kinds of places around the house, they dressed up in other people's clothes. It was always a challenge amongst the three brothers to think up the funniest and most surprising thing to have the gorillas be found to be doing....

There's an entire album dedicated to them and their hijinx, as a matter of fact. :)

ANYway, I just wanted you to know that, eccentric you may be, but you're not alone in your eccentricity. ;)


weird! how awkward was it carrying a mannequin around the beach?

Producer, Ricki Lake Show

LOve this--story and photos. Jennifer looks exactly like Marylin, and would make a great couple with your male model.

Jennifer reminds me of a running joke my college bf and I had. Sometime in the early 90s I got a computer that came with all that horrible clip art from the 80s. One morning at 3:00 a.m, while my bf slept, I printed out a 3"x5" of a woman in a power suit with an asymmetrical haircut sitting in an air plane looking in her Rolodex. I added the caption: "Let's see, did I schedule my meeting with the Mile High Club on the Ricki Lake Show?"

I sneaked this masterpiece into his O Chem text so when he was in class the next day he would see it. For the next two years we would randomly come across it. I once found it in my winter boots! That is serious patience to wait months for me to stumble upon Ms. Mile High Club. It still cracks me up.


Never has any story delighted me so. I wish I could meet Jennifer...maybe take her out for some frozen yogurt. This confession of sorts just reaffirms that you are the greatest person to ever live, and I am jealous of your entire family.


I like Mannequines too!


Jennifer seems fabulous. You should write her memoirs. My cousins had a stuffed bear that was part of their family. They would make their mom sew him clothing & throw birthday parties for him.


I like the pics of the mannequin at the beach! Also, good story! :D

Mme. Meow

First off, I'm so relieved to know that I'm not the only one whose hair was totally messed up on account of a run-in with Sun-In ;o)

I loved your story and I wish you could have your Jennifer back. However, the New Guy looks stunning in the beach.

(And certainly I could think of far more awkward things to carry to a beach!)


That is absolutely hysterical! I love some creative prankster tricks!
My prankster story is about a mink tail. I was given this little mink tail at a furrier my mom took me to when I was a kid. So it became a running joke for my sister and I to hide this furry tail in various places, like curled up in a pair of underwear in a drawer.
Anyway, your art is amazing. I was really awestruck of the various body painings. Amazing!


that mannequin looks awesome!! you have a great talent


This entry is just my all time favorite! I love your sweetness of going to the trouble of dressing Jennifer in a swimsuit and life vest prior to placing her in the shower to terrorize your sisters. But perhaps it wasn't sweetness, you just enjoyed dressing Jennifer up?:-)
I love that your sense of humor was at full force even back then! You are so interesting and hilarious; I wish you would write your memoirs. It is so cool to find out what makes people tick, especially you!
It is extremely intriguing to discover how humorous childhood pranking can become stepping stones to extraordinary art -- I smell best seller!


Bonni. Thanks! I love your story about the gorillas.

HurlieGurlie. Long time no hear. Glad you're back. It was awkward at first lugging a mannequin around the beach but I quickly got over that. He was a bit of a star that day on the beach.

Ricki Lake Show. I can completely imagine that clip art you've described. I hope you keep that gag going forever.

Mandi. You are too, too sweet. My family is crazy. Lovably crazy that is. I will have to write some more stories about my childhood. Thanks for your nice comment.

SDF. Mannequins are the best. :)

Amy. I had a wedding for my cats when I was about 10. I made a wedding dress and everything. I even played the piano during the service. OK, I am crazy.

Leslie. Thanks!

Mme Meow. I had a number of bad run ins with Sun-in. I never learned my lesson though. I was trying to do a John Taylor/ Duran Duran dye job with a blond streak right in the center. I would put on a shower cap and pull a bit of bangs out and spray away. I'll try and find some old photos. Thanks for your sweet message.

Missy. I think playing pranks is a great way to pass the time. I do. Thanks for your nice comments about my body painting. I plan on doing more of that, that is if my bf will sit still long enough.

Nicki. Thanks! I appreciate your comment.

Jenny. I wish I could give you the biggest squeeze this morning. Thank you for all your amazingly supportive comments. You rule!

Thanks everyone for all the comments. I have a bunch more wacky childhood stories that I think I will begin to tell. More to come.....


wow! those are awesome.


K, so I'm a lurker, but I HAD HAD HAD to post this time. I love this story and I love the beach pics. I think the greatest artists are a bit eccentric, its what makes you wonderful at what you do! I can't wait to hear more!

I wonder what would have happened if Jennifer and Art got together? Yes, I named your male manny. Art.

Great story and thank God you turned out so talented and not a guy in the basement sewing skin on me!


I also tried Sun In and I wasn't one of the lucky ones. I was left with a tangerine-ish haze. Jennifer looks very fetching -- every detail is beautiful. I think Nina Garcia would say her make-up is flawless and the look is impecable! I love reading your stories and I am always in awe over your sketches! Keep them coming please, they really make my day!


Loved loved this story. I was cracking up just thinking about your sister screaming. I love to hear about pratical jokes that brothers and sisters play on each other. Me being an only child didn't get to expierence those times. So please tell more and more!!


Manns are creepy, but the artwork is great!


I had a mannequin too!! I sure do miss her. I'd dress her up all the time. I painted alot of wigheads too (I was bored as a child). What's the new Man-nequin's name?


Re-reading this entry reminded me of when I was little... my dad made this weird stool where the top had a Green Bay Packers logo and the bottom was legs wearing green jeans and black shoes. He somehow stumbled upon a frightening mannequin head and put it on the stool. I used to be so scared of that thing...he would move it randomly and I used to think it walked on its own and was following me around. I eventually came to love it. Your family and I probably have something in common hahaha.


Oh, David.... you are simulataneously a mess (I say this with love, seriously!) and amazing. Such a great story -- sadly, its the highlight of my day! I think we are same age - I can always relate to your point of view.


I love you, just absolutely adore everything you share about yourself as well as your very unique artwork. You are a true individual, please do not ever change!!!


wow, your mannequin looks amazing. I have a mannequin in my apartment, but unfortunately it has a weird plastic texture that I can't draw on. when I worked at the mall I tried to steal a mannequin but it was too heavy and cumbersome to slip away with. anyways, I think mannequins are great, they're like human-shaped canvas to display your ideas on.



I loved the story and the art work. We all have little fascinations and I am glad you were able to find yours.

I can't wait for you to watch Real Housewives of Big Apple. These ladies are UGLY on the inside and out. For some reason, they are not at all endearing as the OC gals are.

The "Countess Luann" is shown SCOLDING a friend in next weeks episode for introdicing her to a "DRIVER" as "Luann" and not "MRS." Pretentious BIOTCH. She needs to get over herself and FAST!! The world would be a better place without people like her!!!


When I saw the mannequin photo I thought WOW who is that hot chiseled man? Glad he really was chiseled. I used to dress my dog up as Jayne Mansfield. Put that on your random-o-meter. Anyway the dog was a dachshund poodle cocker mix I would put her in a small t-shirt and enhance her breast (where they'd be on a human btw not a dog) and draped a piece of fur around her neck like it was a mink. Needless to say she didn't look anything like Jayne Mansfield but I looked like a big flaming homo and my parents were kind enough to take and keep photos of the evidence.


I am right now wondering where I can get a mannequin, so that I can put a Planet of the Apes mask on it and hide it in my kids' closets when they're not looking! (Please don't call Child Protective Services...)

Love your male mannequin on the beach, that is about 6 different kinds of awesome.


When I was a little girl my Grandparent's had a mannequin in their basement. That thing scared the living hell out of me and to this day I am freaked OUT by the headless ones in the mall!

Bonni Elizabeth Hall

David, you're not crazy. You're eccentric. It's entirely NOT the same thing, trust me. Eccentrics just do their own thing regardless of social conventions and generally have fun doing it.

Crazy people are... well, they get locked up involuntarily and have to have conservatorships placed so they don't get preyed on by random weirdos. Not that I'm thinking of anyone in particular, of course.

Also, if you've never seen a "Real Doll" do a Google on the term. You'll be amazed at the artistry. I mean, yes, these are silicone mannequins with a specific, uhm, purpose in mind, but they're artistically pretty amazing. I think you'll appreciate them. ;)

Stuck in AL

I loved, loved, loved your Jennifer story and thank you for sharing it! If we could time travel, you and I would be partners in crime and spend all day in school thinking of different ways to display Jennifer! In fact, I may do something along those lines for Halloween! I got the biggest kick out of reading about you and her adventures and will get my friends to do something simular out of respect to you! THANK YOU!!! I'm in awe!!!


he's pretty hot for a mannequin

What an entertaining tale from your past! So funny. I had a couple of friends who also had special relationships with mannequins, too. You're not alone there. Love the new manny art too. Man I wish I was at the beach...


Umm. My mannequin (one of those non-poseable, stylized, white plastic 80's deco ones from the Limited) is sitting on a chair in my living room dressed in an antique kimono, a battered straw cowboy hat with some dried thistle heads and random bird feathers in it, and, as pig tails, some clip-on waist length hairpieces from the drugstore. I keep my guitar on her lap and refer to her as the "future ghost of Emmy Lou Harris".

I put her out on the front step last Halloween, but had to add some double stick tape to her outfit as a neighbor complained about kimono-slippage.

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