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February 20, 2008


Stuck in AL

I have to give it up to Tommy Girl because his frock hangs better in a straighter line than Miss Katy's. She's got some kind of weird waist line going on and her hip juts out. PLUS Tommy Girl is just simply radiant in his! His smile tells it all!


Is it just me or does Katie have a bigger bulge than Tom??

Holy Cuteness

Tommy is really looking like a geek...


Give'em a break. They may make it in Hollywood. I think Tom is more devoted than Katie unfortunately. I think she has gotten on her brain/ Definfitely spend, spend, spend Tommy's money on clothes. She is making a fool out of herself and it is making her look 20 yrs older with the clothes she is chosing.


Oh, I so desperately needed a laugh today. (My boss insinuated she wanted me to take a pay cut. Not on your life bitch.) Thank you, thank you, thank you. Tommy's man-boobs always seem to cheer me up. Amazing how that stumpy little man consistantly outshines his fembot wife.

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