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February 21, 2008



I am obsessed with Christian. I think Tyra Banks, Miss Jay, and Christian all need to have their own show where they tell each other how fierce they are all the time. And Christian can appear as Ferosha Coutura and "die of barfness."

I love him.


I was so estactic to find out that Christian was the fan favorite! I voted for him a lot but I was also thinking that Sweet P might've gotten it! Oh well. The final four looked so amazing and the last few challenges have shown me what a great designer Jillian is as well. I can't wait to see what all the designers show on the runway and I'm definitely rooting for Christian. You should draw a picture of Jillian doing her pirouette-into-kick on the manne. Or at least find a clip of it.. it was pretty hilarious. Too bad PR is ending so soon! I love all your sketches of the contestants. :)


Simply insanity,absolutely interesting!


My favorite moment had to be Christian's description of his hair --part business, part party and of course his face is the money maker. I seriously thought I would pee myself!
I was also so happy to see Jack again! If he didn't turn Kevin gay nothing will -- he is just so beautiful!!!
I actually thought Chris was going to win fan favorite because of his insane laugh --he just seems like a fun person to be around but I guess that laugh gets annoying when you're in a stressful situation, living on little sleep and Chinese food.
Your sketches are awesome as always -- I especially like Kevin's sketch because he looks so lovable.


Ferocia Coutura (Christian) is also my favorite... I have my money on him as well... he's SUPER talented. Not that the others aren't, but he's done some crazy awesome things.

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