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February 26, 2008


Dr. Ding

Oh god make it stop.

On the other hand, I hope Ms Winohouse goes through with it, because she will be providing you with ample skewer-fodder, but on the other.... is "homeless retro crack-o-liciousness" really a look to strive for?


It fits Tommy better thank Katie.


Weird to say, but Katie actually doesnt look that bad.


Amy having a beauty line is no less ridiculous than hearing a song by Paris on the radio. I do hope she will pause at the dirty ballet slippers.
I think Katie is totally rockin' her look. I actually like her better as a Wino than a Cruise. Poor Tommygirl looks like he should be telling me my fortune!:-)
Can't wait to see more of these!


hey friend! i love anything you do to tommy, whatta hoot! next, maybe do barack and hillary! they'd be funny all wino status! go barack! please, no one vote for mccain, he is such a booger of a man, and would be WORSE than W, if that's possible! thanks for the LOL, gilmore! Regards, jenni from the OC


I want a Wino wig too. For the days when Im not up to ratting up my own nest.

I have a feeling Tom already has that wig. The higher the hair, the closer he is to the Mother Ship.

Kisses to you!

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