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February 19, 2008



... you know, i suddenly realised i've never seen Pink and that Aziz (or is it Asiz, Romanian Tranny Singer Dude)in the same shot. Coincidence, or....?


That's hillarious, I'm glad I'm not the only one who's noticed how butch Pink looks. Plus she annoys the crap outta me every time she opens her mouth and talks about how different and rebellious she is when she makes the same radio friendly pop music as the next chick.

Debra Leger

No need to lock up the girls, Pink doesn't have the balls to be with a girl.She just likes to make you think she can swing that way to sell cd's to love struck lesbians. Grow up lesbo's she is a boy toy. Spend your money on an authentic lesbian musician, not a pretender.


I Love Pink, but... Cool draw!!!

Phyllis Arthur

I think it's pretty shit how everyone slates pink! She sings about modern day attitudes and everyone here is displaying exactly what she means! She may not look like your "girl next door", but in all honestly does she have too?? to gain respect from people who say she looks "butch"!! She has an amasing talent and she has chosen to share it with the world and so she should she's incredable at what she does.. Pink has her own beliefs and views on things and i think its very sad to call her a liar, on her sexuality.. I think if anyone knows wot she is sexually,, she does!! I'll definately spend my money on buying her next album!

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