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January 08, 2008



Tommy's little manboobs are priceless!He looks like a togated pocket-sized imp of love. Katiebot must be so proud.


Tommy seems to be doing it in such earnest fashion, while Katie appears to be very tongue in cheek.


Sigh...Im so ashamed, I actually like KH's dress.... Im going to throw bleach in my own eyes now...


Tommy has such style, his platform shoes give him the fashion edge over Katie's elegant yet boring open toe. L Ron would approve!



*Cracking up!* I'm am so wanting his platforms...


OK I kind of like Katie's dress too but my god she is dressing too old for her age. But dont worry Tommy your moobs are much nicer than Katie's!

stuck in AL

I know you asked who wore it worse, so I'm going to say Katiebot because Tommy Girl so rocks his outfit! You can tell by his expression he is feelin' it and soooo wearin that dress, y'all!

Holy Cuteness

I can't choose... But if Ireally really hvae to, then I say Katie...

I love how you made Kate and Tom to scale! Kate looks like she's pushing 50 in that sparkly beige sack and sensible Sally Field hairdo. I see a Boniva commercial in her future. And Tommy is in dire need of better foundation garments to pull of that wee little gown, though.


I dig Tommy's platform shoes, but he really looks better in something that shows a little less a spacesuit!

So for THIS "who wears it better", I choose (by a slim margin), Xenon...errr...Katie!


LOL! Coffee, meet screen.

I vote for Tommy as worst. I hope you don't get sued.


It's a TIE although T has a certain ohhhhh flair! ;o


I like them best when they are together

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