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January 14, 2008



Tommy, definitely. He rather enjoys dressing up for the cams... Katie seems rather reluctant to do the red carpet. Her heart's just not into it.

I love this new feature! Um, I gotta give this one to Kate. Her gams are pretty spectacular and her new Anna Wintour/Suri bob is way cuter than the Sensible Sally Field do she was sporting last week.


I really appreciate the subtle, delicate details you add to your drawings of Tom- such as the outline of his moobs that are shown ever so slightly through his fierce red jacket. I personally think Tom wore it better. I wish tom would get the cute little Suri hair-cut, too. He would totally work that.


hahaha.... I just can't stop grinning at Tom's face. Obviously, Kate wore it better :)


I can't tell who is who!

I LOVE this site. We (Backseat Cuddler) has featured your art many times on our site, and I just can't get enough of it! You are a very talented individual, and I love seeing what you're going to do next!




It's a tie but it definitely makes T's legs look longer which makes his smile ever so toothier.... ;)

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