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January 22, 2008



Yes to all the questions. You are so flattering to Tom's chompers.
Another hi-larious piece of artwork.

hehehehehehe is all I can say. I hope I had some influence on this because of my pestering while you were working!!

Oh wow, these colors are sooo good. I love his big ass teeth. Poor Katie. She is gonna love this!


hahahaha... oh I love those kids. I watched Dawsons creek the other night at 3am and it dawned on me that she hasnt changed much, she just has better hair and a stylist now.
Poor little Joey from the creek..

stuck in AL thinks Katy's mother is Rosey from the Jetsons (original 60's). Ok, maybe Grandmother - but with bots, it's hard to tell!


I so love your site. You really are wonderfully talented. Thank you for sharing and I KNOW you are going to be ridiculously famous one of these days in the very near future.


The chompers on Cruise are priceless!! As always, your amazing art work brings a smile to my face.

Holy Cuteness

Hahaha, love this one!


She's Katebot 2.o - the compliance chip has finally been perfected.

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