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January 29, 2008


awwww Gilmore

SO sorry we will not see your last and final drawings of the resident OC ho~weaves. I do however love love love your upper lip full of restylane :)....I will be back for the NYHW as it will be fun to watch the east coasters who think they are all that and a cup of tea!!!!

Bonni Elizabeth Hall

I've never seen the show. If it's available in Australia, it's only on cable, which I haven't got (not that much of a television watcher, really).

I have, however, really enjoyed your drawings and commentary! I went to look up the show on the web and found some clips and comments and information so I've got a basic idea of it, but your take on it has been the most entertaining, by far.

In fact, I'm kinda glad I've never seen the show and mostly experienced it filtered through your fine sense of humour and the absurd and your excellent drawings. ;)


Aww come on!!Bring on the drawings! Those are the best!


What a class act you are. I wish we could locate your "integrity" gene, and splice it into all the media vultures that are greedily picking apart the last months of Heath Ledger's life.


What a class act you are. I wish we could locate your "integrity" gene, and splice it into all the media vultures that are greedily picking apart the last months of Heath Ledger's life.


Didn't it seem that Vicki was none too happy being at the reunion. More specifically, it seemed she wasn't terribly happy with how she was portrayed all season.


I think you turned out a beautiful shade of orange and you can definitely give Lauri a run for her money with your newly enhanced lips. I just wish you would have shown more of your face in your picture. I went to your Gilmore Artwork website and saw just how handsome you really are. Your artwork is so incredible; I especially love the 3 dimensional pieces.
Ok, onto the show....I just laughed my head off on the first question from Maryland -- where I have lived my entire life. Why do the RHOOC feel the need to have their giant boobs constantly on display? (I have rewritten this question in my own words)
The East Coast Bitches were already being kinda nasty and there was an equally condescending question from DC. People from the East Coast take themselves ENTIRELY too seriously.
I am going to try to watch the Real Housewives of NYC if I can stomach it. The Ann Coulter chick reminds me of Debbie Downer on Saturday Night Live when she expressed her disgust for life in the're from freaking Kansas...get over it! I am afraid that show is going to hit too close to home.
I am so going to miss the beautiful orange, botoxed material beauties and the beautiful California scenery.
But most of all I am going to miss your sketches of Vicki and reading all the hilarious comments! That was by far more entertaining than the show itself. Thanks for all the fun and laughs!


I thought of you David when watching the show and wondered what will he be able to draw from this Reunion?
I have respect for all of the Housewives regardless of whatever snarky things I say.
Lets just get away with the easy stuff first. I love Jeana always have always will, she deserves happiness from a man that will cherish her. She's gorgeous I hope she finds it soon.
Vicki. I thought the comment from "Jason" questioning her faith was just plain mean. We might like to poke fun at her but don't be mean to her. I turned on my protective mother instincts then and there. And Don, Please don't lose him...I could go on but I am trying to be concise here.
Tamra Barney. New bangs = Camouflage of new face and brow lift. She looks great and she really needs to do nothing. I don't believe Ryan is gay but if Simon were....well what I would like to do with him.
Tammy Knickerbocker I love her but she said very little last night but you should read her bio on her website. Its very touching and honest.
Quinn Quinn Quinn such a Scorpio. Blunt honesty. "Are the boobs real or fake." Quick answer with no thought, no drama just honesty. "Fake" You rock! Release the Beast indeed! I mean there must be hundreds of single eligible men that see this show (and I mean straight single men) that see our Quinn and Jeana and say I've gotta meet this lady!
Lauri...Lauri kept me up last night thinking about what we know about her. She never complains, always just the facts. "Josh is having problems." "It was difficult financially after my divorce." then "My brother had HIV and committed suicide." She's stoic and she never states how these events that have occurred in her life have attempted to rip her and her entire family to shreds. Thats some strength. We see it Lauri. It's a refining test by fire and you have passed. It's your time to soar. You and your family really deserves mad respect.
OK I have to say I really believe our 7th Housewife David deserved at least a mention last night...Your sketches have been the perfect compliment/companion to the show and the fact that so many of the Housewives have contacted you means they must agree also. I was waiting for Andy Cohen to bring you up. Well I hope the Housewives invite you to a cozy O.C. Wine bar
or a patio party in Coto. Frankie in lashes and liner and you in a Skytop and a a large glass of Merlot. Thanks David for the season of fun!!!


I agree with the comment that Vicki didn't seem very happy to be at the reunion. I think she doesn't see herself the way everyone else does and when she sees the clips of herself, she is embarrassed by them. I also think her friendship with Jeana still seems kind of rocky because they were still arguing the same points they were back on the show. I think it was so cool that Frankie was a fan!
Lauri came across the most real by bravely sharing her story of her brother. I am sure that was not something she had planned to do and certainly not easy to discuss. She is hard person to figure out. I still don't think she realizes how hurtful it was when she said that Sophie was the only child that had not disappointed her and her explanation really didn't soften the blow. Behind that frozen face is a very complex personality.
Also, I forgot to mention, I thought Tamra's hair looked healthier but I didn't think that style was very flattering on her.


I love your drawings of the housewives... they multiply my enjoyment of the show and the women by tenfold. Can't wait for Housewves New York!


I love, love, love your housewives drawings and, I must say, that I'm a little disappointed not to see any today. However, I do respect your integrity after hearing about Lauri's brother. I am going to miss your drawings! I rush here every wednesday for them. You better find some more shows to capture! Rock of Love 2?

David, I missed it last night again!!

Between Brit's breakdowns, wardrobe malfunctions, police chases, and shopping fits, I just ran out of time. She is so selfish. I have a life too.

I am watching it today at 2:00 and am looking foward to seeing the reunion. I can't wait to see how Quinn looks.

I am counting the minutes until the NYC starts! I already have my new fav for that show.


Actually printed out the drawing of Vicki staring at the cell phone. Reminds me of myself sometimes and makes me smile every time. Do think I judged Lauri too hard at first.
Anyhuu, was wayyy disappointed with Manhattan HWs - they were older and unattractive on top of the hideous New Jersey accent. Yikes. I'd rather see OC 4th season.


Excellent post and I agree it was very touching hearing Lauri's story about her brother and how sad it was. It was great of you to show your compassion by not making fun of the housewives, even though I was looking forward to another crazy Vicki expression or Tamra's bangs.


that's really nice of you! i wish you could draw the part when tamra called quinn out on being a "NASTY girl!!!" :) ok, so... which housewives have emailed you?!? i think quinn & vicki have not emailed you just cause you hit vicki dead on (and she hates you for that) & quinn cause she isn't in their little clique. please start drawing about millionaire matchmaker!

I'm now watching the reunion. Did Jeana get really big or is it just me? Last I saw her, she was working out like crazy and looking really fit. The reunion show, she looks about 25 pounds heavier. And, so sad. Poor Laurie, she has had some traumas' in her life. It's almost over, cant wait to see Quinny Quinn.

stuck in AL

Last night was the last straw for me. I can't take watching those women any more. While Lauri had a genuine tale of saddness, she is no means the only woman who has had a loved one die, who has had to do their family's laundry or have their life style drop down after a divorce. Give me a break. Some how other women manage to raise their children to be productive members of society and keep their priorities in check. I've never heard so many excuses for their children's bad behavior in all my life. Oh wait - yes I have! The Britney Spears die hard fans come up the most. RHOC is second.
Since the RHOC have big bucks, I hope they are buying your artwork and not printing it out!

I have loved your sketches and commentary more than you'll ever know! I don't care what show you sketch, I have your site bookmarked and I'll check it everyday! You are blessed with a wonderful gift and thank you for sharing it with us!


I loooovvvveee your real housewives drawings. This is my first stop on the morning after. You always manage to capture them so well. As I watch the show I find myself trying to guess which moments you will capture. I'm also really enjoying your Rock of Love 2 drawings. You're the best and wickedly funny to boot!


Wait a minute. You mean Bravo is replacing the Orange County wives with those women in New York????

I thought they would run both shows. I did not care for the New York wives, they were way to serious and no fun at all.


Thank you and will look forward to all your sketches.
Lauri's comment while meant to be touching was so calculated. Bringing up that story was so cheap. Anything for attention.
I can't wait for your take on the New York Ladies.

i suck at skating

sayonara housewives of the OC! I meant to check this board sooner so I'm late to the comment game but I did love the show. A few comments: i) Vicki is delusional - not about being Christian, but just about being uber annoying. ii) Can't believe Quinn's boobs are fake - they're so old lady looking! iii)And dear God, Lauri claims to be only 47 - her hands are at least 87.
I too am looking forward to that homelier version of Ann Coulter with the messed up grill. We'll see how much fun these NYC chicks are. I'm afraid I agree with the earlier poster that these chicas look a little dour to me.


Beautifully written and illustrated! Thank you!!!

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