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January 21, 2008



This entry deserves SEVERAL cases of wine! Love it! Can't wait for next week! You are my hero! Maybe you need to get an Angelique tattoo! That would be a hoot!


Hi, I just wanted to say that the author of has your drawing of Britney Spears' "mugshot" as the banner. I just thought you should know; this person has been ripping off sites to promote hers. Thanks.

uhoh..Someone not giving you credit for your work? I noticed there is no artist credit given anywhere and the "about us" page lead no lol.

Now, onto this.. I just watched this episode last night and then I was watching bad girls and I thought "I wonder if David will do Bad girls or Rock of love" and tada! You aim to please. I love that crazy Angelique. I want him/her to win!

Excellent as usual :)


Wild! I wanna see the bite mark!


Who was that VIP girl with the card acting like a 5 grader about the skanks by the door thing. What an idiot. SO glad you've fallen pray to the freakshow that is Rock of Love!


As a non-television owner, I have to say, I live my television-life vicariously through you. Everything you share is beyond wonderful.


I love this love this love this! I watch Rock of Love every week, last season seems legit, this one does too, but I think much more drama and skank. I love you for drawing Rock of Love Cant wait for more!!!



this is the best.


I'm back at school, and your drawings are the only thing that will get me through the stress. You make my days that much better. Your site is kinda like a warm, toasty fire that me and my loved ones gather around to laugh and talk and feel good. You're the greatest, man.


Hahahahaha! Angelique is a freak and obviously a man previous to this nasty show (that I can't stop watching!!!)


I am SO GLAD that you decided to continue drawing this series!! As much as I try, I simply cannot resist this show (and believe me, I try hard, but Sunday rolls around and and my damn fingers become possesed and switch over to VH1.) Your images are the cherry on a Bret Michaels skank sundae. Thank you!


The Women on Rock of Love & The Bachelor behave waaay more whorishly than the women on Flavor of Love. The Bachelor had women get on their knees and bark like dogs and those desperate whores did it! Damn!!


"This is Catherine and I believe she graduated from high school in 1963."

LMAO!!!!! this is the best line ever!


You are a genius at capturing with very spare lines these dreadful characters!! I am a fashion designer with a talent for illustration and fully appreciate your abilities! You could be the new Hirschfeld!!!

stuck in AL

That picture of Inna in her outfit is so damn funny! LOVE IT! It's right up there with your drawings of Twitney! Whenever I need cheering up, I look Inna in her outfit!Thank you!

julie parket

okay, u had creditability until you said Catherine graduated in 63, she was born that year, hmm, i thought you had a brain to go with your artistic talent. Must make you feel good about yourself to sit at home and try to make women look bad. Was your mama bad to you when you were a little boy??????? Seek counseling!

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