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January 17, 2008



I was directed over here by a link and found HEAVEN. You are quite talented and I'm just loving the new season of Project Runway.

I was sick in bed for a little over a week and stumbled onto Bravo's 'reality' shows (Yes! a Bravo virgin). Marathons of The Real Housewives and past seasons of PR sealed my fate. Or it was the cold meds? Not sure.

You don't have to post this, just wanted to give you a shout out!

phil (I'm a girl and it's a long story :D )


Great portraits!

Click on the above for DavidDust's recap of last night's episode.


Your sketches came out so great! I can't even pick out which one is my favorite!
Jack is so hot! I have noticed we pretty much like the same men.
Chris and Christian made such a great team! Christian is so talented and Chris is so great to work with plus all his background with costumes -- they definitely deserved to win last night.
Victorya is so annoying, much more so than Rosie O'Donnell.
Who would have thought Rami would have been such a micro manager? That was really a surprise. I felt so bad for Sweet P last night.
And just as you would like Tim Gunn's advice, I was just thinking today, I wish David would help make my "Why I Volunteer at the Humane Society" post just the least bit interesting -- maybe it needs a tramp stamp???? We all have our dream mentors!:-)


I also loved last night's show, and surprise, surprise my 87 year old mom LOVES Tim Gunn and this show! She came rushing in on her walker and breathlessly asked if Tim was on yet!! She used to be one of Edith Head's minions back in the day at MGM..has she got the stories to tell! Needless to say I was always the best dressed little girl, young lady and teenager! I can sew a pretty mean frock myself, I LOVE this show also and hopes it inspires all of those who love fashion and art to learn to sew and create lovely, well made, original fashion!


Ohmigod those HAWT photos of Jack...He has a Tramp Stamp! Your Chris March looks so realistic I am expecting him to talk and you've captured Nina and Tim exquisitely! I'm going back to look more at Jack!! blushing!


OMG ..u love all the shows i love!!! i *heart* project runway..i hope christian wins :)


Don't forget about Tim saying "Make it work." Without that last motivational push, nothing would get done. Christian is my most favorite human being ever. Ok...not quite, but he is fabulously fierce. I love that you draw all my favorite shows.

Bethany Underwood

I absolutely LOVE Tim Gunn, and your drawing is amazing!! Love it!!!


Keep drawing jack..he is so beautiful and you do a great job.

ashley Thompson

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Just what I've been waiting for. Absolutely amazing!!

Chris from Hunk du Jour

Another awesome set of illustrations... I totally agree this was an awesome episode and that Chris & Christian made a FIERCE team. =)

Fab! My only critique is that you were way too kind to Nina. Her hair is never ever that smooth. It usually looks like she brushed it with an old shoe right before the cameras start rolling. She needs to drag her skinny ass down to the TRESemme beauty room pronto. Other than that, well done!


I mostly love your drawings, but Chris's lips are off! Take a look -- he's got thin, baby lips. They're always parted, as you have it, but you can barely see the red edges. The full mouth is just not him.

Love you!


I can hear Tim saying 'skanky'. Oh yes. I can.
I love you!


Oh my god.. I love this, lol Isnt Tim just an adorable doll? I just want to give him a big hug and listen to his monotone voice all day


LOVE IT. Another great post. I too was thinking of Tim Gunn and how I wish he would drop from the heavens in an impeccable outfit and have a glass of wine with me. He would be my older gay boyfriend and could teach me new words.

Dont you love/hate the way Heidi Klum says,"NinaGahcia" !?



your drawing of has an eerie resemblance to steven cojocaru


insert^Nina Garcia


I was also going to say that about the Nina Cojo lookalike!

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